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Mom In Panic After Age 3 Son Goes Missing In Cornfields. After 20 Hour Manhunt, They Find Him

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Dyton Logalbo’s mother experienced every parent’s worst fear when her son went missing after playing in the backyard just moments before.

The Logalbo’s backyard backs off onto a large cornfield and, despite his mother’s efforts, there was no trace of the 3-year-old’s whereabouts for over 20 hours.

After contacting authorities, a Wisconsin community amassed over 600 volunteers to help search for the missing boy over the next two days.

According to the Langlade County Sheriff’s Office, Dyton Logalbo was playing in the backyard on Saturday afternoon while his mother was gardening. The last moment she saw him, the 3-year-old had walked just out of sight beyond the stalks of the cornfield.

Dyton’s mother called for her son but received no response. Despite knowing he couldn’t have gone far, he was nowhere to be found when she went into the cornfield looking for him.

The distressed mother ended up calling authorities. Even though Dyton was believed to still be in the cornfield, concern turned into panic when hours turned into days of not finding him.

“I was relatively confident he was in the cornfield,” Sheriff Bill Greening told Inside Edition. “I felt confident once we had enough personnel that we’d ultimately be able to find him.”

The Langlade County Sheriff’s Office put together a search team and dispatched both helicopters and drones to try and find the missing boy.

Beyond the authorities’ efforts, over 600 volunteers from the community came together to search the vast cornfield day and night in hopes of locating Dyton.

“It was very dense and very difficult to search in those areas,” Greening recalled searching the cornfield. “We had to almost step on the child to find him, it was so thick.”

The field behind the Logalbo’s house was reportedly more than 100 acres and the corn stalks stood at more than seven feet tall. Greening said this made the search like “finding a needle in a haystack.”

According to WSAW, on Sunday morning one of the volunteers found the boy sitting cross-legged between the stalks. This was an agonizing 20 hours after Dyton went missing.

“Everything starts to look like corn cobs and corn stalks,” Tom Andraschko, the volunteer who found Dyton, told WSAW. “Once we got a little closer, you could tell it was arms and legs. So, I was about 20 feet away and that’s when I took off running. I knew for sure it was him then.”

The rescue team was quick to give Dyton granola bars and water before he was taken to a hospital and released just a couple of hours later to return home.

“He was cold, and wet and scared,” Greening told Inside Edition. “But overall, he was in good health.” It was a great relief to not only Dyton’s mother but the entire Wisconsin community that came together to find him.


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