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16 90’s Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Beautiful Today


The 90’s were a time of innocence, baggy clothes, Tamagotchi and pogs. For those of us who were lucky enough to grow up in the 90’s, we got to experience life before technology took over and changed the world. No social media, no smartphones, just plain old fun.

A large part of what entertained us in the 90’s were classic kids TV shows and movies that featured some of the coolest (or so we thought at the time) child stars. They were cool, they were famous, and they played parts in TV shows and movies that left us with lasting childhood memories.

Have you ever wondered what ever happened to some of your favorite 90’s child stars, and what they might look like today? Has time dealt them a cruel hand, or has time aged them like a fine wine? Here are 16 90’s child stars who grew up to be smokin’ hot today.

1. Anyone who watched Kindergarten Cop over and over as a kid probably remembers the two adorable twins who responded hilariously to Arnold’s question about what their parents did for a living. The twins’ names are Tiffany and Krystle Matara, and although they don’t act much these days, they are still beautiful as ever.

2. Madeline Zima played little Emma Bartel in 1992’s The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, and gained popularity years later when she played Mia Lewis on the hit TV show Californication.

3. Christina Ricci is a former 90’s sensation and Addams Family star who grew up to be more beautiful than any of us could have ever thought.

4. Alisan Porter starred in Curly Sue opposite the legendary Jim Belushi. She has since traded in acting for singing and was even the winner of The Voice in its tenth season.

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