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Here’s What The Children Of The 12 Most Attractive People Look Like

When you see a famous, attractive celebrity, you can’t help but wonder how their kids are going to look like. Then eventually, they do have kids. Sometimes those kids inherit their parent’s looks or talent.

Luckily, there are those kids who not only look exactly like their parents but have potential to make it pretty big in Hollywood. That is to say if they choose to pursue a career that follows in their parents’ footsteps.

Here is some photographic proof that nature did a HUGE favor for these kids whose parents happen to be some of our idols. Check out these 16 kids of some famous, attractive actors/actresses.

1. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then you probably know who Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is. He plays Jaime Lannister on the show. Well, the actor happens to have two daughters, Philippa and Safina, who happen to be absolutely gorgeous!

2. Even though Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony aren’t together anymore, they did have two adorable twins together. A boy and a girl named Max and Emme. It’s hard to tell if they look more like Jlo or Anthony, but both are equally stunning!

3. Kirk Douglas is a legendary actor known for his roles in classics like Spartacus, Paths of Glory and more. His son, Michael Douglas, has become just as big of an actor. You might remember him from films like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

4. Who remembers Jason Priestley? You know, the sexy heartthrob from the classic show Beverly Hills 90210. Well, he still looks just as good as he did in the 90’s and his kids today definitely took over his good looks. This is his daughter, Ava Veronica.

5. When Paul Walker passed away, everyone was absolutely devastated, especially the Fast and the Furious fans. But luckily, he had a daughter to continue his legacy. Paul Walker was a good looking guy, so it’s no surprise that his daughter Meadow is a beauty!

6. Julio Iglesias was a Latin singer heartthrob back in the day. He’s had a big family since then, but it’s no surprise that all his kids are equally good looking. His most well-known child is his son Enrique Iglesias, you know that really attractive singer who sang “I can be your hero”? Yepp.

7. George Clooney has always been drop-dead gorgeous. Whether he was in his 20’s, 40’s and today, in his late 50’s. We’ve been showing you kids of celebs, but in this case, you have to see Clooney’s father in order to understand where he got his good looks. That family has some amazing genes.

8. Robert Downey Jr has been an actor since he was a young man. Today, he’s best known for being Iron Man…one of the coolest superheroes. Many of you probably had no idea that he has a son named Indio. The two have the exact same eyes!

9. Everyone in this world knows exactly who John Lennon is. You know, that legendary singer from that world famous band THE BEATLES? Well, John happens to have two sons that look EXACTLY like their late father. Their names are Julian and Sean.

10. Everyone noticed Sofia Vergara’s son most recently at an awards show. His mother is a complete bombshell so it’s no surprise that her son looks like a model. Her son’s name is Manolo and he’s pretty popular on social media!

11. Val Kilmer made an attractive Batman back in the day. He was also pretty attractive in the classic film Top Gun and Tombstone. So you’re probably wondering how his children look like. Well, they definitely inherited their father’s good looks. That’s for sure! Their names are Mercedes and Jack.

12. A lot of people aren’t aware, but Frank Sinatra has two daughters Tina and Nancy who are absolutely gorgeous. He also has a son named Frank Sinatra Jr. Sadly his son passed away in 2016. But back in the day, all three kids inherited their father’s dashing good looks!



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