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8 Photos That Prove China’s Rich Kids Are Spoiled Rotten


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you won the lottery? Many people dream of winning the jackpot so that they can live a life of luxury. Once you’re swimming in wealth, you might:

  • Pay off your student loans
  • Buy a mansion
  • Give some to charity

But for people that are born into the rich lifestyle, they might be used to getting what they want so they might just splurge on some outrageous things.

The rich kids of China really know how to have fun. Check out a few of the things that they do on a daily basis.

1. Not sure whether you should get a Bentley or a Maserati? Why not both? And be sure they’re pink so that KNOW that they’re yours.


2. Even though Apple products are expensive to begin with, it seems like everyone is able to afford one. If you really want to show off your wealth then you better spend the extra dough for the limited edition Gold one.


3. Not everyone has enough space in their wallet to keep all of their money. Fortunately, there are buckets that can be used to store your fat bundles of cash.


4. Life is too short for cheap champagne. The rich kids of China only want to drink the very best bubbly!


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