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Chris Brown Commented On Rihanna’s Instagram And This Is How People Reacted


Chris Brown and Rihanna were once romantically involved. The pair of artists used to date back in 2008, but after Chris Brown brutally attacked Rihanna in 2009, they split up. Rihanna was left visibly injured in 2009 and Chris subsequently plead guilty to assault with the intent of doing great bodily injury. 

He was sentenced to take anger management classes and to perform community service hours but was instead later jailed. Commenting on your ex’s Instagram pictures is already awkward and weird, but commenting on the pictures of the ex you physically assaulted is even worse. 

Read on to see what Chris Brown said and how Rihanna’s fans defended her.

It was on Tuesday when Rihanna posted a picture of herself at Barbados attending the Crop Over festival. This particular photo was reposted by a wide array of other celebrities.


The photo garnered more than four million likes and racked up nearly one hundred thousand comments! But it was Chris Brown’s comment that really incited some anger among Rihanna fans.


Chris decided to comment a side eye emoji under Rihanna’s picture and fans were rightfully angered.


Some messaged him by saying: ‘@chrisbrownofficial is now even MORE disgusting’ while others just straight cussed him out.


Others went on Twitter to put the rapper on blast by saying: ‘Chris Brown needs to cease and desist’ while others tweeted: ‘can we all give a collective “BOIII WTF U THINKIN” to Chris Brown’s comment on Rihanna’s insta????’


Others simply posted a simple picture while others such as Sharifa tweeted: ‘Chris brown commented on Rihanna’s new pic on Instagram?’


Although the pair reconciled and then collaborated on two songs back in 2012, they ended their relationship in 2013.


Rihanna has yet to respond to the comment. By the looks of it, it seems like her fans have done the responding for her.



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