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Chris Cornell’s Family Issues Statement After His Death


After the tragic passing of musician Chris Cornell, fellow musicians and fans took to Twitter to pay their respects and tributes to the late star.

On Friday, May 19th, his family released a statement on the matter following his passing. His wife, Vicky Cornell, outlives him as well as his three children. Vicky released an emotional statement outlining what happened and what her take on the matter is.

After taking a few extra pills of Ativan, a medication used to treat anxiety, his death has been ruled as a suicide. However, Vicky doesn’t think that Chris would do that.

Keep reading to find out the details released in the statement.

Vicky started by explaining how big of a loss this is to the world and in her heart. She described it as an ‘emptiness that will never be filled.’

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She described him as a ‘devoted father’ and her ‘best friend’ and she explained that for Chris, his family came first and the music came second.

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As well as expressing her emotions on the situation, she also laid out the details of what happened the days prior to his death.

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It was an average Wednesday. Vicky explained that he had flown home for Mother’s Day to spend time with the family and his children.

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