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Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Answer The Internet’s Hottest Trending Google Questions

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence recently sat down with WIRED to answer some of the hottest trending questions that the internet has for them.

Over the last few months, the Passengers co-stars have been busy travelling on their European press tour to promote the release of their sci-fi romance directed by Morten Tyldum. Here, the comical duo provide viewers with insight into some hard-hitting questions. The two co-stars answered pressing questions such as “Is Chris Pratt Dead?” and “Is Jennifer Lawrence Good At Archery?”


Well, first of all internet, no, Chris Pratt is alive and well as you can see. You could have also gone and checked his Instagram account but, never fear, he is here to calm your fears.

Second of all, yes, J. Law is good at archery and will probably shoot you with an arrow–if you’re moving slow enough that is. We wouldn’t really want to test her skills. Do you remember when she brought down a jet with one single arrow? Yeah, no thanks.


Besides some of the funnier questions throughout the video, we actually learn quite a bit about the two stars.   

 Pratt reveals why he loves the Seahawks so much and that he stole a custom knife the crew made for him when he starred in Jurassic World. We also learn that Lawrence actually starred in a promo ad for MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 before she hit it big in major film roles.

You can watch Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in Passengers on December 21st and learn more about the hilarious stars in WIRED’s video below!


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