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Chris Pratt Makes Ellen Shed Actual Tears During A Hilarious Game Of Speak Out

Hollywood’s funny guy Chris Pratt stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his highly anticipated superhero sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In honor of Mother’s Day, the duo decided to play one of Pratt’s mother’s favorite games, which ended up leaving both of them in tears.

Ellen DeGeneres brought out a game where laughter is always a guarantee, Hasbro’s Speak Out. The game challenges players to try and say phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that makes it impossible to close your mouth. The result? Hilariously ridiculous blabbering that usually produces more laughter for the guesser than any sense of comprehension.

DeGeneres had Pratt show off his pearly whites while wearing the dental-like mouthpiece where he managed to impressively convey the first two phrases on the cards. However, it was the third phrase Pratt attempted that had everyone, including the studio audience, in absolute stitches.

While the given phrase, “I’m gonna bump you,” seemed innocuous enough at first, Pratt decided to say it somewhat suggestively. Unaware of how the words would sound coming out through the mouthpiece, Pratt was quick to realize that he was going to have a much harder time uttering this simple phrase than he originally had thought.

As soon as Pratt attempted to say, “I’m gonna bump you,” both him and Ellen burst into an uncontrollable laughter that put the game on halt. Trying a different approach, Pratt learned that there’s really no effective way to say “bump” with a contraption keeping your mouth open.

Eventually, the Guardians of the Galaxy star began using the lyrics to The Black Eyed Peas song, “My Humps,” to get the word across. While Pratt’s use of hands and music may be questionable when it comes to the rules, DeGeneres was finally able to comprehend the phrase.

Chris Pratt and giant mouthpieces turned out to be a recipe for hilarity as this clip managed to go viral. In just a matter of days after being uploaded, Ellen Degeneres’s video received over 2 million views and counting.


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