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28 Epic Christmas Design Fails That You Will Find Hard To Believe Actually Happened

Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is decorating for the holidays. We all want our spaces to look festive, but sometimes there’s just no escaping Christmas design fails. Bad Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and even mall displays are everywhere. Once you see these failed Christmas decorations, you’ll understand why the holidays are just so hard for some people.

Wherever you find Christmas and holiday decorations, you’re bound to see some of these Christmas design fails. Whether it’s a creepy sign for Santa, some suggestively folded napkins, or even improperly hung Christmas lights, bad Christmas design just goes with the season. It just goes to show that a lot of thought needs to go into decorating, lest you end up with some of these failures.

Here you’ll find some of the best (worst?) Christmas design fails from around the world. Some of them are hilarious, some of them are creepy, some of them are just downright dumb. One thing is for sure though: these bad Christmas decorations will have you ho ho ho-ing all through the holiday season.

1. You have to love it when a Grandma pulls off one of the best Christmas design fails. This otherwise lovely table setting might be just a little bit uncomfortable for her family.

2. There’s nothing like walking down the street on Christmas, looking up and seeing Christmas light underpants. Publicly bad Christmas decorations are some of the best.

3. Sometimes Christmas design fails just end up looking gross. The placement of this Santa is not exactly the best and certainly makes those pancakes less appetizing.

4. Santa, no! This bad Christmas design is just depressing. Maybe the pressure of having to deliver all those presents every year finally got to him.

5. This mall Christmas tree is one of the worst failed Christmas decorations ever. They might have been going for a chocolate look, but it turned out looking like… Something else.

6. As Christmas design fails go, this one is probably the creepiest. Everything about this terrible Christmas decoration just sends the wrong message. Someone should have proofread this.

7. Nevermind, THIS is the creepiest of all bad Christmas decorations. These dead eyed teddy bears have absolutely no place in an otherwise festive mall Christmas display.

8. Sometimes Christmas design fails only appear in the daytime. This light display might be really great in the dark, but in the cold light of day, it’s so much worse.

9. Baby Jesus sure is cute, when he doesn’t look like a severed toe that is. It just goes to show that there may be bad Christmas decorations in your own home.

10. Sometimes bad Christmas design results in something truly terrifying. This Christmas mug looks less like a festive item than exhibit A in a murder case.

11. Failed Christmas decorations can be bad in a number of ways, but when someone tries to pass a plunger off as a decoration, that’s just naughty.

12. Christmas design fails can make anything look ugly, even angels. It’s hard to tell if this angel is singing or praying for a prettier face.

13. When you think of Christmas, the first thing you think of is probably “how can I make my tree look more deadly?” Sometimes Christmas design fails are totally intentional.

14. Sometimes failed Christmas decorations are just plain confusing. Poor Santa’s not going to have any idea where he’s supposed to be going. Isn’t Christmas already hard enough?

15. The cover of this book probably should have stuck to a more readable font. This example of bad Christmas design really makes it seems like this book stinks.

16. Generally, a crossword is supposed to have all the words crossing over perfectly, right? This example of bad Christmas design also doubles as bad crossword design.

17. Christmas design fails have a way of producing word salad. This sign at a mall is yet another example of an impossible to read Christmas decoration.

18. Sometimes failed Christmas decorations owe their failure to gravity. This improperly balanced decoration is a great example of that. Would it have been so hard to test this at the factory?


19. Once again, bad Christmas design makes Santa terrifying. It looks like he absorbed all those children into his giant beard. The look in his eye doesn’t make it much better.

20. Sometimes Christmas design fails are based on factually incorrect packaging. This set of Christmas caroler ornaments probably left people wondering where the fourth one went.

21. Okay, Lindt, do you really think you’re fooling us? This example of bad Christmas design is just plain lazy. Those reindeer are rabbits and we all know it!

22. Getting one eyelash in your eye is irritating enough. For this plush Santa, having all of his eyelashes in his eyes must be driving him insane.

23. Here’s another fine example of bad Christmas design that could have been avoided if someone had just bothered to use spell check. It’s one word!

24. Whatever happened to mistletoe? As Christmas design fails go, this one is totally unnecessary. There doesn’t need to be another plant creating awkward moments at office Christmas parties.

25. Failed Christmas decorations are sometimes works of art in their own right. This one, however, is just confusing. Are we supposed to be celebrating Asstmchri?

26. Finally! It’s been so annoying only being able to find potato shaped bells. This is less a case of bad Christmas design than labeling being too specific.

27. This ornament is way too… Biological. Hanging this on your Christmas tree would definitely raise some eyebrows, and possibly start some uncomfortable conversations with your kids.

28. Sometimes bad Christmas decorations are less about the decoration itself and more about its placement. Maybe whoever hung it there is planning a heist of some kind?


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