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Chyna Was Once Set To Fight Laila Ali In A Dream Match

Chyna was a professional wrestler and an icon in women’s wrestling. She left a legacy which has been unmatched. Recently, her former fiance Sean Waltman appeared on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and revealed some new information about the late wrestler.

Waltman said that in 2002, when Chyna was working with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, she was offered a fight against boxer Laila Ali. Antonio Inoki is the one who first initiated the idea and brought it up to Chyna. As we all know, Inoki is a retired professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, so he knew what he was talking about when he brought up the idea.

Waltman said that when Inoki pitched the idea, Chyna rejected it immediately because she knew she would lose against Laila Ali, who was the best female boxer at the time.  “When Chyna was working for New Japan he was — [Antonio] Inoki was trying to set up a fight between her and Laila Ali. [Chyna] was his protege. She was Inoki’s protege. She had some grappling skills, but not like that. She knew that it wasn’t a good idea,” Waltman said.

Chyna knew at the time that Laila Ali was quite possibly the best female boxer of all time, and decided to be realistic about the situation, so she turned down the fight.

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