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This Cirque du Soleil Jump Rope Artist Is Incredible

Adrienn Banhegyi has been jumping rope competitively for 15 years and also holds two world records. In addition to her two world records, she has also won multiple European and World Jump Rope championships over the years, and is now a Cirque du Soleil performer.

In this video taken in Szombathely, Hungary, Adrienn performs in front of a group of people at an event. Her speed is amazing, and so are her skills. She even does back flips and front flips in her routine, smiling the whole way through. She is enthusiastic, charming and very focused throughout the whole routine.

In her performance, she even has several people come in to act as props, and at one point she even jumps the rope while at the same time kicking a soccer ball. The performance is pretty breathtaking, considering the amount of practice and skill that undoubtedly went into it.

The world champion skip rope artist has been performing most of her life, and started jumping rope when she was just a little girl. Her routines are often intricate and complex, full of movements and footwork that are extremely fast paced. Although she has been athletic her whole life, she decided to pursue jump rope because of its creativity.

Adrienn has performed in countless countries over the past 15 years, some of which include Australia, Canada, Brazil, the United States, and almost all of Europe. She has also performed as an artist for Cirque Du Soleil in New York City and has toured most of North America with the company.

She is also a physical education teacher and is passionate about her work. She loves sharing what she does with children and adults, and hopes that jump rope will become more popular in the future.

When Adrienn was asked if she ever thought she would be able to make a living out of jump rope, she explained that she was pleasantly surprised: “I never thought it could be a profession for me, my dream was to be the best in the world at something…and it proved to be jump rope.” Check out the video to see her amazing skills!


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