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Is This The City Of Atlantis Under Antarctica


There are some mysteries of the world that are so interesting and magical, that we can’t seem to stop trying to prove their existence or discover the truth. Fabled creatures and places such as

  • Bigfoot,
  • The Loch Ness Monster,
  • El Chupabacabra.

…are all creatures and places that we’ve dreamed about as children and always hoped could secretly exist. One of the most popular mythical places that some people strongly believe exists is the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. Now, thanks to new information from the University of Brussels, scientists might be able to link what lies under Antarctica with the theories about Atlantis.

Depicted in stories and movies, this lost civilization believed to have been destroyed overnight has captivated the imagination of many over the years. James Cameron even set out on a journey to find it in Atlantis Rising. A new documentary recently came out which uses Plato’s writings to map out where Atlantis is in the real word. Other theories suggest Atlantis could be a hidden civilization under the ice in Antarctica. What do you think?

The origins of Atlantis stem from the Greek Philosopher Plato who possibly referred to the city in two of his works.

Titled ‘Temaeus’ and ‘Critas’, he mentioned that Atlanteans mined gold and silver and used them to decorate the walls of the temple and that the capital of Atlantis was a port made from rings of sand and sea.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 11.06.55 AM

According to Plato, the city was destroyed when an earthquake and tsunami hit, which destroyed the city’s port which was then buried in mud.

A new documentary produced by James Cameron draws from Plato’s writings in order to get one step closer to solving the mysteries of Atlantis and to finally be able to reveal its location.

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