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12 Useful Cleaning Hacks That Will Have Your Home Spick And Span

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Cleaning is the chore we all hate doing the most. And if you love cleaning, and you do it often, consistently and efficiently then, well, good on you for living your best life. Those of us who loathe it and do it only when it’s absolutely necessary lead a very different lifestyle.

We want the quickest and most effective way to do things, but we don’t really get out of our way to learn what those magical ways are. Luckily for the lazy cleaners out there, the internet offers a whole world of cleaning hacks for everyone to try.

Some are bogus, and some require the precision, patience, and tidiness of a person who already has their life under control. Others, like the ones you’ll find in this list, could one day change your cleaning routine.

So, give these cleaning hacks a try next time you’re faced with life’s messes. They’re easy, effortless and. most importantly, useful.

1. You can use an eraser to get rid of fingerprints, greasiness and makeup smudges on your laptop or smartphone screens.

2. If you love really hot showers, you know the struggle of stepping out to a foggy mirror. To avoid this, just rub some shaving cream on the glass before you shower.

3. Cleaning the outside of a window can be a hassle because the fluid dries really quickly on a hot day (or freezes on a cold one). Just choose an overcast day to clean them instead.

4. Get rid of the smell of your dog’s bed with this natural recipe. Spray a 50-50 water and vinegar solution on the bed, sprinkle with baking soda, then vacuum.

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