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7 Clear Signs A Narcissist Is Trying To Manipulate You


A narcissist searches for constant gratification.  According to the Oxford dictionary, a narcissist is “a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.” The term originates from Greek mythology, and relates to the river god Cephissus’ son Narcissus, who saw his own face reflected in water and fell in love with the image.

The book Narcissism: Behind The Mask, by David Thomas says that some of the typical signs and traits of narcissism include bragging about achievements and accomplishments, the inability or struggle to emphasize, extreme sensitivity to criticism and/or insults, and a dislike or disdain for people who are more successful than the person in question. Although Sigmund Freud argued that healthy narcissism is an integral and even important part of normal human development, narcissists go above and beyond this behavior and form a narcissistic personality which can often be unhealthy and manipulative.

Narcissists typically lie or even manipulate others who do not admire them. Here are 7 clear signs that is  narcissist is trying to manipulate you.

1. Narcissists are extremely egocentric. One sign to watch for in a narcissist is extreme bragging and admiration of oneself to the point that this admiration is forced on you.


Not only do a narcissists make everything about them, but they also only ever present themselves in the best of lights.

An example of this is when a narcissistic person is telling a story. If you notice that they simply cannot stop talking about themselves in the story and over-emphasize their actions in relation to the story, they could be a narcissist.

Narcissists like to brag, and the first red flag you should notice in a narcissistic person is if they can’t seem to stop talking about themselves.


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