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48 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas For Parents With Baby Carriers

Halloween can be tricky if you’re a new parent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of fun on this spooky and fun candy holiday.

A lot of these parents decided to get creative when it was time to dress up their little ones. Sometimes it’s as easy as buying a little fake blood, other times it’s fun to plan ahead of time and make that Halloween costume you wished your parents would have made when you were a kid. How many times did you wish as a child for the coolest costume ever?

How many times did you wish your parents would dress up with you! Well, the time has come! The following list of 50 Genius Halloween costume ideas with parents and kids comes from some of the most clever internet users on the planet. Not to mention some of the most elaborate. If you’re finding yourself scrambling for a costume that includes you and your kid, this is the slideshow for you!

1) Baby President: This costume is actually really simple yet hysterical. This Mommy decided to dress herself as a secret service member, and designed a little white house platform for her baby, who she dressed up in a suit and red tie. It’s fun to think that any of your children can be the President! Politics aside, this would make a really fun idea if you decide to dress your baby as a specific president.

2) Zombie Family: This woman put her baby inside a front-seat body carrier then cut some holes in her T-Shirt, used some fake blood, covered herself and her baby in some zombie-esque makeup, and boom. Easy, hilarious and amazing combination. She even got a fake toy brain for her baby to play with. It’s awesome that her daughter joined in on the fun as well.

3) Ripley in Aliens: Okay. This costume seriously took a great deal of ingenuity. The father of this costume design quickly went viral, when he dressed up in the dock-loader from James Cameron’s Aliens and dressed up his baby as Ripley. The dad is hidden inside the loader and it appears as though the baby has a class 3 license. Well done!

4) Itsy Bitsy Spider: This is adorable. This mom put her child in a front-seat body carrier then covered in a furry spider costume! The web is made out of rope and it gives the illusion that the baby is climbing up the web! Absolutely ingenious. The addition of a little pink bow suggests that hiding under this costume is a cute little girl!

5) Rapunzel: This daddy-daughter combo is an absolute winner. The father dressed as a cute little tower, with stone leg pants, some ivy glued to the side of him to give the appearance that it’s growing up the tower, and made a funny little cone hat to be the shingled roof. The baby’s costume is even better. This long yellow hair is made up two meters worth of yarn. Tangled fans everywhere unite!

6) We Can Do It!: This costume is inspired by the wartime propaganda poster designed by J. Howard Miller to inspire workers and boost morale. It has since become an icon for strong female leadership. This costume cost peanuts for the effect. How inspiring! What a great way to inspire your own child as well.

7) Baby Popcorn: This teensy butterball made the perfect little bag of popcorn. The mother dressed up as a movie theatre worker and dressed her baby as a bag of popcorn using felt, an old hat, and well you guessed it…real popcorn! The effect is both easy, adorable, and hilarious.

8) Baby Mario: This Nintendo fan decided to dress her son up as a baby Mario using a bunch of really simple craft ideas. The tube is made out of half a wreath used during the holidays, some green felt, paper, and his hat is just a red hat with a felt M logo. She also painted the cutest little mustache on his face to finish it off. It would have been great if she dressed up as Princess Peach. Perhaps next year?

9) ET and Elliot: This clever movie buff decided to fulfill his childhood fantasy of being friends with ET by dressing up his child as the huggable alien, cutting a hole in a small crate to fit over his front-baby carrier, and fashioned some handlebars for himself. A red hoodie was all he needed to make the rest of this iconic duo come to life!

10) Totoro: Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki fans are sure to get a huge kick out of this costume. This mommy decided she wanted to be My Neighbour Totoro and dressed herself and her child as characters from the movie. She even got herself a cat-bus candy tote bag. This is just fantastic.

11) Harry Potter and Dobby: J.K. Rowling fans, eat your heart out! This Harry Potter fan decided that he wanted to dress up his adorable child as Dobby the loveable house elf. This is a great twist on just dressing up as Harry Potter, and even more adorable is that he gave his child a little sock to walk around with!

12) Baker and her Cupcake: This Mommy-Daughter combo is really, very sweet! The mother dressed herself in a simple baker’s outfit, while she likely put her seamstress pedal to the metal and designed this adorable little cupcake outfit for her daughter. The pink icing and sprinkles are such a delightful touch.

13) Leprechaun With His Gold: What a lucky combination! This dad decided he was the luckiest father in the world and decided to dress himself and his child up as a Leprechaun with a pot of gold. The outfit is hysterical and no doubt will be popular with any lore lovers. Delightful!

14) Frida with Her Día De Los Muertos Friend: This little girl has been dressed up to resemble the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, a painter who did mostly self-portraits. Her mother decided to dress up as a beautiful woman celebrating Día De Los Muertos. Perhaps she’s celebrating Frida in her own way!

15) Hang-glider Team: This father decided to make the most practical use of his baby-carrier by turning him and his child into a hand gliding team! No doubt this man is a fan of hand gliding. He even has the helmet and safety goggles to match! The glider itself looks to be made out of some simple PVC piping and cloth material.

16) Pirate with her Parrot: Rrrrrr matey! This be a delightful dress-up! The mother decided to dress up like a pirate, and chose the most amazing costume for her baby. A teensy little parrot! This costume is likely made out of intricate layers of felt and a great deal of hot glue. Amazing!

17) Sloth and Its Tree: A sloth will likely live its entire life in a single tree, and this is a great metaphor for how mothers treat their children. They will always be their little babies. This costume is simple, fun, and adorable. Some fall leaves, a heavy brown coat, some simple felt and that’s all you need to make this parent-baby combo work!

18) Scuba Diver and the Octopus: This Mommy went all-out with her Halloween costume this year. She designed this extravagant outfit with her baby as a scary sea octopus and the mother as a scuba diver. No need for a full dive suit, she wore a simple pair of jeggings, and a black outfit to make it work. The baby’s costume, on the other hand, took a great deal more creativity!

19) Construction Boys: This Father and his two sons really took the spotlight with their wrecking crew costumes. The young boy is dressed up as a Backhoe, and the father, with his baby, is dressed up as a wrecking ball. Get this—the wrecking ball is actually a spray-painted candy-collecting pumpkin! Outrageous!

20) Chef and His Lobster: This baby lobster costume looks like it fits perfectly around this father’s baby-carrier! The father decided to dress up as a chef with a fun mustache. Pair this up with a mermaid and you have the makings of a Little Mermaid cosplay! Some bubble wrap in his pot gives the illusion of “boiling water” which is a great last touch.

h20 TheCluelessGirl

21) Presidential Babies: Much like the earlier baby dressed up as president, this couple decided to create Republican and Democrat debate babies with their original version of this kind of costume. The parents dressed up in a very simple secret service outfit, while the babies stand at their official podiums. It’s too adorable!

22) Tony The Tiger: This costume is Grrrrrrrreat! This parent designed an enormous frosted flakes box using cardboard and felt. The felt design is actually flawless. To make this costume even more adorable, she dressed her little baby up as Tony the Tiger! What an amazing pair these two make! It’s a stellar idea.

23) Navy Pilots: These two pilots make an amazing team. A simple cardboard construction of a Navy Bomber jet, this father and his child who is in a baby-carrier make a hilarious war-fighting duo. The look on the baby’s face has the air of “I have no idea what’s going on” so this appears to be more fun for the father if anything. It’s still an amazing costume.

24) Baby Unicorn and Rainbow: This is such an easy idea! All you need is some rainbow felt strips (one for each color) a simple cloud made of felt and stuffing, and a tiny unicorn costume for your baby! Voila! Magical unicorn sensation! This father looks very proud to be dressed up with his child. Such a fantastical duo.

25) Red Riding Hood and the Wolf: The wolf in this pair of costumes seems hardly threatening. In fact, he seems VERY CUTE! This tiny little baby wolf with his mother dressed up as Little Red Riding is absolutely a winning costume. Take any timeless tale and dress your baby up as one of the villains, and you get an adorable combination.

26) Maleficent and her Raven: Any fan of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty could tell you that Maleficent is one of the best villains ever. A lot of people forget how attached she is to her ‘pet’ Raven, but the two are absolutely a winning pair. This costume is so much fun. This mother proudly shows off her evil side, and gets her child to join in on the fun! Marvelous!

27) Beekeeper and her Giant Bee: This is a really great costume for a newborn because you can create any kind of bee costume and it would work wonders. This mom went above and beyond. She got a simple bit of tooling, glued it to a sun hat, and dressed herself in a white raincoat to really sell this costume. It’s amazing.

28) Luke and Yoda: Anyone who has ever seen The Empire Strikes Back and is a huge Star Wars fan can appreciate parents living vicariously through their children. This family decided to knit a very adorable baby-Yoda hat, stick their child in a baby carrier, and recreated the Jedi training scenes from the marshy planet Dagobah.

29) Resident Evil Baby and Mother: This mother who’s obviously a huge fan of Resident Evil dressed her herself and her baby up as a zombie mutant. The Umbrella Corps badge on her lapel tells us all where this terrifying duo came from!  The baby is hidden inside a baby carrier underneath the mother’s trench coat.

30) Nintendo Family: This family of Nintendo Fans decided to dress themselves up as Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach while attending Disneyland during its infamous Halloween transformation. We especially love how the baby toad hiding in the baby-carrier is actually hiding in a coin question box like in the video game series.

31) Baby Dancing Groot: Another big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this family decided to dress up their child as Baby Groot. The father is hiding under a silhouetted face and hoodie to give the illusion that the baby is floating all by himself. The reverse of this would be dressing up your baby as Rocket Raccoon, and dressing yourself up as Groot. Thanks for reading the entire Halloween slideshow! Yay!

32) Baby Kong and the Empire State Building: A more complex but hilarious costume was made using boxes, construction paper, and a toy plane. This mother dressed up her child as a monkey… or… King Kong! Seeing as babies are basically monkeys, this little monkey is climbing up a building this time rather than his mother!

33) Mouse and her Cheese: This simple and adorable costume pair is a great way to repurpose that old “Wisconsin Cheese” hat that your husband bought at the football game years ago. Paired with a simple baby’s headband with mouse ears, and you have yourself a fast on-the-go mommy and baby costume!

34) Oscar The Grouch: This baby loves trash! Not really… but this Sesame Street costume is absolutely amazing. Although the parent didn’t dress up, it’s so cute to see the baby dressed up as the famed trash can monster Oscar the Grouch. Jim Henson would be proud at the ingenuity behind this costume.

35) Finding Nemo Costume: This mother dressed herself and her baby up as the lovable shark Bruce from Finding Nemo who started the weekly meetings with the slogans “Fish are Friends, Not Food.” The costume itself looks like it’s mostly made from felt, which is good because those teeth look sharp! A toy Dori and Nemo are pinned to the bottom to show others where this character is from.

36) Princess Leia and Chewbacca: This adorable little baby wookie makes an excellent Chewbacca. Paired with an amazing Princess Leia costume complete with buns on the side of her head, this Star Wars duo will no doubt have everybody cheering. We definitely know who we’re going to dress up as for Halloween next year!

37) The Lion Safari: This mom and her adorable little baby lion decided to go on Safari together for Halloween. If you manage to get a little lion costume for your baby, this outfit is rather easy to pull off. You basically need any color of beige pants or dress, some binoculars, a straw hat, and away you go! Roar!

38) Cabbage Patch Doll: Yarn has many wonderful properties to it. When fashioned into a wig and put on a baby’s head, they look—quite literally—like a cabbage patch doll. The toy brand that famously took over shelves in the late 70s and 1980s. To this day the franchise has some nostalgia in the hearts of many and makes for an amazing baby costume.

39) Chef and his Spaghetti: Another great use of string is its ability to resemble spaghetti. Glued to any outfit, add a couple of brown pom-poms and voila, you’re instantly Spaghetti! This daddy chef decided to cook up his fantastic costume, and has us both hungry for Italian food, and his bowl of candy.

40) Baby Potter: In the reverse of dressing up as an adult, it’s also really fun to dress up your children as the baby version of a famous character. This Baby Harry Potter with his with ‘Professor” mother, is a duo of such adorable cuteness that we can’t help but feel that magic is real.

41) The Doctor and The Tardis: This is another amazing idea if you’re a big fan of Sci-Fi, particularly the BBC show Dr. Who. This felt costume made for a baby makes an awesome Tardis. The parent even printed the phone booth logo for the front doors. If the parent dressed up as The Doctor, this would be even better!

h41 |

42) Baby Hedwig: This might have been pulled off better if the mother was dressed up as Harry Potter, but dressing up her baby as Hedwig is seriously the cutest thing ever. If you look closely you can even see Hedwig sucking their thumb… or wing. It’s an easy enough costume to make with felt and it will make a great memory!

43) Devil and Angel: This is such a fun idea! It’s a very dramatic and fun way to show a contrast between you and your baby. Children are all little precious angels. Another fun way to look at this costume would be if you dressed up yourself as an angel and your baby as a devil. Some might think the reverse is true!

44) Another Nintendo Family: Another fun-loving Nintendo family dressed up almost the exact same way as the other ones did. This time the mother dressed up as Mario, the father dressed up as Luigi, and the baby is dressed up as a Green Toad, with a question mark felt box for a carrier. What a fun idea that both families had.

45) Little Shop of Horrors: This amazing parent dressed up their child as Audrey II, the famous man-eating plant from Alan Menken’s Little Shop of Horrors. No doubt the father is dressed up as Seymour, the meek plant shop worker. Any theatre fans will get a big kick out of this Halloween combination!  

46) Luke Skywalker and a Tauntaun: Star Wars Fans will enjoy this cosplay / Halloween costume idea. The mother dressed herself as a Tauntaun, the warm, ice-loving creatures from Planet Hoth, and her baby as Luke Skywalker from the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. She even made some felt internal organs for Luke to keep warm in!

47) Chef Family: This mother and Father Chef are cooking up something absolutely wonderful! It’s an adorable baby stew! The family managed to hide the baby carrier inside a large felt “pot” and covered the baby in felt vegetables, including a small cabbage on his head. What a great idea to celebrate cooking as a family.

48) Avengers: This father must be a die-hard Marvel fan, as he opted to dress up all three of his children as members of the Avengers team. His one son is dressed up as the God of Thunder: THOR, and his daughter is dressed up as Captain America, and his baby is wearing a small green T-Shirt to signify that he is THE INCREDIBLE HULK. To top this off, the eyepatch and peacoat signify that the father is playing the role of Nick Fury, Director of the Agents of Shield.


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