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12 Clever People Who Came Up With Funny Solutions To Everyday Problems


Sometimes in life, we run into some tricky situations that we have to solve on the fly. Whether it be a car parked in your spot or a silly rule that you intentionally break. Whatever the reason, life can be unpredictable and it’s important to be able to think quickly.

Some of the people who found themselves in these situations decided that it would be a good photo op, and shared them on the internet. Some are from Reddit, some from twitter, but they all are equally hilarious.

It’s expected that life may try to throw you a few curves, but there are some ways that you can get the better of the situation.

Here are 12 funny people who came up with clever solutions to some of life’s everyday problems.

1. It’s probably not what you’re thinking. This girl’s boyfriend came over for Thanksgiving dinner and fell down the stairs. Rather than patch it up, they decided to frame the memory. Clever!

2. Apparently, these tree service men forgot to bring their ladder but they didn’t let that stop them from getting the job done. Now that is A+ teamwork.

3. No hole puncher? No problem! All you gotta do is drill them in! Problem solved. Although for this one couldn’t he have just poked a pencil through?

4. Here’s a cute example of breaking the rules. What do you mean there are no dogs allowed? This sign clearly says that dogs are allowed! And look at that adorable face.

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