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16 Clever Product Instructions Hilariously Placed On Tags


Most clothing has tags, and other products have labels, but have you ever actually taken the time to read what they say?

Usually, clothing tags will include washing instructions, and you might find ingredients and directions on the back of other products.

However, there are some companies that have been known to have some fun with their customers by hiding secret messages or jokes in the instructions and labels!

Here are 16 clever product instructions hilariously placed on tags and labels.

1. Thank goodness for instructions, otherwise, no one would have ever known to pick up this toy and hold it. Unless this McDonald’s instructions are indicating that the monkey can be squeezed this is a pretty strange instruction sheet. 

2. This girl found some strange instructions on her hair dryer. Why would anyone try and blow dry someone’s hair while they were sleeping?

3. Whatever this product is, there’s no way a damp cloth can’t do the job that a damp sloth is supposed to do here. Where would you even get a damp wild animal on such short notice?

4. One guy was surprised that his IKEA instructions came with a step that told him to throw something out. This is actually probably serious! Sometimes there are plastic fasteners and clips that come with IKEA furniture that you don’t need.

5. Well, of course, there’s always that option if you’re getting confused while washing your clothes! This company sure knows what’s up.

6. You and the cookie deserve better! Seriously who would be able to microwave this Hershey’s cookie now that they’ve been called out? On the other hand, mind your own business, Hershey’s, and let me live my life however I want.

7. In case anyone was curious as to what a clothes hanger might taste like, these instructions will save them from an unfortunate situation.

8. This guy bought his wife a mug and when he checked out the bottom he found some pretty hilarious instructions. I doubt anyone would actually try this but just in case!

9. Talk about confusing! Realistically this medication would be taken once a day at the same time each day. Is printing confusing labels like this on prescriptions the best idea? Probably not.

10. Just in case someone wanted to get their clothes as dirty as possible, this label has got them covered.

11. For anyone who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks, it probably seems a bit impossible. Looks like this restaurant decided to poke fun at the people who ask for silverware!

12. Because you know, sometimes you might forget how to put on underwear and you might try starting with your arms or something.

13. Super clear. These are probably the easiest laundry instructions to follow ever. There’s literally no way you can mess this up.

14. Now, that’s specific. I guess if your skin is getting that dry then you definitely would want to lather it up.

15. This pet shampoo gave some funny instructions on how to keep your pet from escaping at bath time! That’s actually a pretty good tip for dealing with a wet pet!

16. How many people are guilty of doing this? Grabbing the closest bottle and reading every ingredient. Imagine stumbling across a message like this? Kudos to the manufacturer.


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