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Check Out 16 Of The Cleverest Food Packaging Designs That Have Ever Been Made


When the options for a certain product are overwhelming, packaging can be a major factor in swaying a customer. However, how does one make their product stand out from the rest of the competition?

These outside-the-box thinkers have come up with some innovative packaging designs that transform everyday products into something much more appealing. Delving beyond simply gimmicks, these designs also transform the way we use the products.

Here are 16 of the most clever food packaging designs that blow away the competition.

1. Tea drinkers are well aware that the first sip is best after waiting the suggested infusion time. These flowering tea bags are designed to fully bloom when the tea has been optimally brewed.

Tea Flower Andrej Krahne

2. Save yourself from accidentally indulging in a sip of expired milk with this inventive carton, which changes color when it starts to go bad. Finely printed expiry dates can be easy to miss, but there’s no overlooking this invasive orange.

3. Pizza and movies go hand in hand, which is why this box embraces both worlds. The little pizza table doubles as a lens that can be inserted into the box to transform your phone into a portable projector.

4. Eyeballing how much pasta to cook can be tricky, but this packaging makes sure that you end up with the portions you intended from the get-go.

4Tamura Design Studio

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