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Clip Shows Tiger Save Zookeeper From Leopard Attack

Eduardo Serio is a animal conservationist from Mexico City that found himself thanking a tiger for saving his life.

1YouTube / Youtube News

This footage shows Serio engaging and playfully petting the fierce cats at the ‘Black Jaguar White Tiger sanctuary’ when Dharma, the leopard, slowly begins to creep towards Serio from behind.

As the video progresses, Aztlan, the tiger, is shown lying quietly behind Serio as he watches Dharma hide behind a tree before he rushes in for the attack. The leopard launches itself in the direction of Serio when the tiger uses his quick reflexes to respond to Dharma and get in the way of his attack. The heroic tiger jumps high and across the ground to stop Dharma in his path.

Serio quickly turns around to see the tigers firm grip on the leopard as Dharma tries to let loose. Despite the interrupted attack, Dharma tries to get a hold of Serio, with a paw clipped on to his thigh.

2YouTube / Youtube News

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