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24 Hilarious Examples Of People Who Were Just Clowning Around


We all know a joker who preys on the naive and gullible to satisfy their own sick little craving for a laugh. These people don’t play by the rules and definitely don’t need April Fools as an excuse to cause havoc. While it’s never too fun to be the butt of the joke, it’s undeniably entertaining to watch others being unsuspectingly targeted for some good ol’ pranking fun.

From completely caught off guard strangers to roommates who should really know better by now, there are some people out there who will never miss the opportunity to clown around.

Here are 24 people who made the world laugh with their antics, even if the subject of the prank didn’t find it funny till much later.

1. Any good prankster knows that the more unsuspecting the victim, the better the end result, and this young girl knew exactly how to get her brother to run right into her trap. In what looks to be the work of some solid sibling high jinks, this scheming sister stuck some clear tape across the door frame. The tape was expertly placed high enough that she could run underneath unscathed while her brother would get some seriously sticky whiplash in the midst of chasing her around the house.

2. Working at a fast food drive-thru can get pretty mundane, but this guy made sure to give these employees a night shift they’ll never forget. Retail stores often start rolling out their Halloween props and decorations way too early, but who says you can’t have a little nonseasonal fun in the meantime?

3. Sometimes the best pranks you don’t even get to see the reaction. For those unfamiliar with Pop-Its, these little noisemakers create quite an alarming sound when triggered. This maniacal prankster decided to wedge a box of them underneath the toilet seat so that the next person to sit down has one shocking experience.

4. There’s nothing like watching your roommate/coworker/classmate struggle with their mouse for minutes on end until they finally check the bottom to reveal that they have been had. The next time your mouse stops working, check it right away because the struggle is exactly what your tormentor has been waiting for.

4Instagram / @laydecakes

5. A bar of soap and clear nail polish may seem like two things that don’t have anything to do with each other, but to the conniving, it’s an opportunity to play mind games. Painting a bar of soap with clear nail polish will make it no longer lather and the victim think they’ve lost it.

6. The key to some of the best pranks is unrelenting patience. Who knows how long this box-adorned person waited at the back of this room for their victim to attempt to stack one on top? That’s not important. As long as there’s that brief moment of a terrified reaction, it’s all worth it.

7. Is there rent cheap enough to make living with a prankster worthwhile? This guy, who had a reasonable request for his roommate, ended up receiving an unwelcome shrine in his room that certainly won’t be easy to explain to someone he’s still working on getting to know. Chances are, this girl probably left for some impromptu reason after spotting this.

7Twitter / @Deno_Tron

8. It’s rare that people turn down gum when they’re offered it, but anyone who successfully pulls off this prank will certainly lose their victim’s trust forever. If you ever dabbled in consuming Play-Doh as a kid, you know that it’s not a pleasant taste. Now imagine you’re expecting to indulge in some minty freshness? Pure cruelty.

9. This woman sure knows how to get a window shopper’s attention. It’s all about waiting for that, “wait, that’s not a mannequin,” moment to really scare someone to their senses. You never know how someone is going to react when causing a minor heart attack so this woman probably has the right idea by staying behind a glass wall.

10. There’s really not a more vulnerable time to prank someone than when they are sound asleep at night. Throwing on a scary mask and revving a fake chainsaw certainly helps the cause as well. This is the last time anyone will accept an invitation to a sleepover at this kid’s house.

11. Whether it was this statue’s intention to scare the living daylights out of this little girl when she crouched down or not, this is probably the last time she’ll ever approach one. You can almost hear the classic horror film sting when this unsuspecting little girl turns back to be face to face with terror.

12. It’s amazing the amount of fear and psychological damage you can cause with access to a printer. Despite how brave you may think you are, this unsettling sight would certainly make your heart drop. You have to wonder if the people who pulled these pranks off were able to mend their relationship after?

13. Who doesn’t love a good pun? Well, probably this guy, who ventured all the way home to find a vegetable instead of an actual urgent problem. One can only imagine that laughing was not the first thing this guy did when he stormed into the bathroom preparing for the worst.

14. Fishing is supposed to be a relaxing and almost meditative activity, which also makes it the perfect scenario to make people jump out of their skin. This prankster dressed up as Jason for a classic Friday the 13th scare that really showed the guy’s true colors, who might as well have yelled, “Save yourself!”

15. Offering free pints with photographic evidence is certainly one way to get your friends somewhere fast, but once they realize it’s a prank, it won’t be so easy keeping them there. This guy might have had a laugh watching his friends scurry to the pub, but this will probably be the last time his pub invites stick.

16. Not all pranks are played just for a laugh at the victim’s sake, some strive to simultaneously teach a lesson. This fed up mother may have finally found a way to recruit herself some new dishwashers. It may not happen right away, but eventually, her kids will get tired of eating with plastic utensils and consuming their meals off of paper plates.

17. Sometimes a truly great prank doesn’t even have to end with your victim realizing they’ve been had. This guy decided to have some fun with the more pretentious art-goers when he set down his watch and sunglasses in the corner of an abstract exhibit to trick people into thinking that it was an art piece.

18. Everyone loves getting in on a secret, which makes it very easy to trick trend followers into embarrassing themselves at their local Starbucks. This prankster knows that the key to a desirable drink is the perfect aesthetic for future Instagrams and was already able to lure one her friends with her Gatorade concoction.

19. Maybe sometimes pranks are just a cry for attention? If so, this one would certainly garner completely unparalleled engrossment. When your kid has made you witness this come barrelling down your staircase, it’s probably best to make sure you stay on their good side rather than the other way around.

20. Humor knows no age! One would only hope that this grandfather constructed this literal “quarter pounder” solely for the sake of this gag. Chances are, his granddaughter isn’t the only one who has fallen for this prank. He might not be able to fool any vegans, but this grandpa has probably disappointed more quarter pounder lovers than we know.

21. It’s clear from this victim’s eye-line that, for a brief second, she knew something was up. Unfortunately, that brief moment happened to come a little too late as all it took was a masked man to come sliding into the booth to terrify this woman and send her cell phone flying.

22. Here’s a guaranteed way to the skin crawl on those with a fear of bugs. This silhouette insect is bound to get a reaction even from those who don’t have a problem with the insects of the world. This may be an unsettling sight on its own, but having to sick your hand underneath the shade to turn it on and then come to the realization is a different reaction entirely. 

23. Here’s one way to go from the office’s most celebrated employee to the most hated in just the lift of a lid. In all fairness, who doesn’t love a complementary array of vegetables and dip while on the job? However, when you’re led to believe you’re about to indulge in sugary goodness, vegetables aren’t as well received. 

24. Spiders are no strangers to bathrooms, but they are strangers to suddenly emerging within a toilet paper roll. At least victims to this one will already be sitting on the toilet because they might not be a finished as they thought they were when their eyes meet with this permanent marker spider. 


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