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Patient’s Family Discovers That Eating 2 Tbsp. Of Coconut Oil For 60 Days Has Substantial Positive Effects On The Brain

Dr. Mary Newport’s husband had been suffering from Alzheimer’s, a disease of the brain that causes progressive deterioration in mental functions and eventually may cause death due to complications. Unfortunately, her husband seemed to be getting worse, fast.


‘On some days it was like Steve was trapped in a fog. He couldn’t find the right silverware, or forgot how to open the fridge’ Dr. Mary Newport explained. Adding, ‘As soon as he hung up the phone, he would forget that he was just on it. And then two days later he would suddenly remember.’

It was clear that traditional medicines weren’t working. In fact, they were only producing terrible side effects for Steve, so she decided to try a more natural approach. After doing some research, she found that a ‘triglyceride might be the answer to slowing down the disease, and potentially prevent it. Similarly, Dr. Newport thought that a low carb diet would release ketogenic amino acids, which affects the metabolism in a positive way.

This all meant that coconut oil could be the solution Steve needed to manage his battle with Alzheimer’s. While he and his wife were skeptical at first, they decided to give it a shot.


Every morning and evening, she gave Steve two tablespoons of coconut oil. After only two months they noticed an incredible difference. Steve became more like his old-self and even started talking, laughing and recognizing faces again.


His family and friends could hardly believe it. Coconut Oil had reduced the effects of his Alzheimer’s and although it may not have healed him completely, it did an amazing job at healing him enough so everyone could feel like family again.

It isn’t entirely known why this was effective as not enough research been done on the remedy but one thing is for sure, this development is certainly promising for the future.


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