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Coffee Shop Goes Viral With Funny Sign

Have you ever been in line at a coffee shop and you hear how the other customers treat the barista? Throwing money at them, demanding they remake it with a better designor just pointing at things while they talk on their Bluetooth headset? Well, one coffee shop is trying to change that.

In Roanoke, Virginia last year, a coffee shop named CUPS changed the sign outside their door to deliver some ordering instructions. Depending on the level of politeness, you’d be charged different amounts. If you just say one small coffee with no please, thank you or hello you’ll be charged $5.00. Though if you treat the barista with a little more respect, it’ll only be $1.75.

The sign was an instant hit after being posted to Reddit, making it to the front page and getting over 1,600 comments. News cameras followed the next day, including the WDBJ7 report in the video below. Austin Simms, the barista responsible for the sign, says he just wanted to let customers know that the people working behind the counter deserve to be treated with respect.

Simms may not have been the first to come up with the idea. According to reports dating back to 2013, French coffee shops have been using similar tactics (though very loosely enforced) for years.

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