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It’s So Cold In America And Canada That People Are Posting Photos Of Their Windows Breaking

Anyone who lives in warm temperatures: the North is pretty jealous of you. Most of you are probably aware how cold it is right now in much of North America. I mean, it’s so cold that it’s causing all different kinds of chaos.

People are staying inside as much as they can, festive celebrations are being canceled and, generally, the continent is being known as the coldest place in the world right now. But the cold winter can also create some incredible photos. Might as well make the best of cold temperatures by taking a few artistic photos, right?

Well, here is a list of some of the most gorgeous photos of the winter. It’ll make you feel a little better about the ridiculously cold temperatures. Check out the photos in all their glacial glory!

Check out this bowl of Ramen noodles completely frozen outside. I mean just imagine how cold it could be if the spoon gets frozen holding up a couple of noodles. At least it made the photo look really cool, right?

Anytime it snows, it turns a place into a beautiful winter wonderland. Just check out this beautiful photo of New York City in the cold winter time. It honestly looks like a postcard. Cold or not, I would love to be in the center of that photo. All bundled up of course, with perhaps two pairs of gloves on.


Animals feel the disgustingly cold weather just as much as humans do. So anyone who own pets, make sure you bundle them up before you take them out. Just check out this dog rocking his owner’s jacket. It was so cold, his owner had to cover his puppy up!

Niagara Falls is absolutely gorgeous. Just the flow of the water, you can stare at it all day, every day. But the falls become icy when it’s freezing cold out. Even in their cold glory, the falls manage to look absolutely breathtaking.


Check out this person’s window. It looks like a bunch of ice fairies was dancing on their window. Just imagine waking up in the morning and seeing this right out of your window. I probably could stare at it all day…and not want to get out of bed because it’s so cold.

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