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15 Text Messages Cold Enough To Give You Hypothermia

Nowadays, people don’t have face to face conversations as much as they used to. Text messaging seems to be the most common way of communicating, even if you are just a few steps away from the person. It’s laziness on another level.

When you’re communicating on text messages, you really have the guts to say anything, especially if it’s something that someone doesn’t want to hear. That goes for texts between ex’s, family members or that person you met at the bar.

We have a few examples to demonstrate what we mean here. Here are 15 text messages that are cold enough to give you hypothermia. It’s a variety of people, but all so cold.

1. Reaching out to your ex after a certain amount of time is pretty gutsy. But once you get the courage and do it, only to get this response? Ouch.

2. When you’re trying to have an emotional conversation with your ex and clearly they aren’t feeling it…at all.

3. So we aren’t really sure who’s colder between the two in this conversation, but responding with a power-point remark might be the winner.

4. And this is exactly why social media has killed romance in some way. This person is trying to be cute, while the other isn’t having any of it

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