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Cold Water Or Warm Water: One Of Them Is Potentially Damaging Your Health

5. Cold water slows down the digestion process, which slows down the reuptake of valuable nutrients into the bloodstream.

6. Because cold water needs to be heated up before the body can use it, drinking cold water actually slows down the body’s rehydration process, making you thirstier than if you’d had hot water.

7. When the body is exposed to cold temperatures, it restricts the blood vessels to avoid losing heat. Drinking cold water simulates that, making it harder for the blood vessels to carry nutrients and oxygen around the body.

But while cold water has its downsides, remember: drinking cold water is still way better than drinking no water at all! And I’ll probably still reach for a nice glass of ice water when I’m out on a hot day. Mmmmm, refreshing.

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