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College Student Breaks Hanger To Eat Pasta And Now People Are Sharing Concerning Utensil Hacks

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When you’re at work, ready to dig into your soup or salad but you forgot your fork, you have no choice but to get pretty creative. You’re desperate, but using your fingers would get pretty messy and gross.

So you look around your desk and try to figure out what you can use. There’s nothing there except a plate. All of the sudden it hits you, you can turn the paper plate on your desk into a scooping utensil.

We’ve all had those moments, including the person in this story. After a college girl broke her plastic hanger to eat her pasta, people started coming forward and sharing their utensil hacks. They’re all are pretty concerning. Clearly, desperation is the best breeding ground for creativity. 

Samantha Wert told Buzzfeed News that when she got back to her dorm, she realized she brought some food without bringing any utensils.  

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With no one around her having utensils either, Samantha started to get really hungry and desperate. So she looked through her bags.

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The only thing that she found that wasn’t completely dirty was a plastic hanger. She quickly broke it in half.

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The broken hanger got the job done. She technically could have used her hands but she wasn’t about to do that with her yogurt.

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