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12 Times Adults Filled in A Coloring Book, With Hilariously NSFW Results


Coloring books were designed for children. It is an outlet for them to express their creativity and how they view the world. The way they color certain objects and the way they perceive those objects is greatly exemplified through their work. However, more recently, adult coloring books have really become the norm these days as an outlet for adults to relieve stress. By simply coloring in the lines and ‘zoning out’ it really allows for people to just relax and get their mind off of things that could be stressful.

But as adults, we can be a little bit more violent, vain and gruesome than children.

So here are 12 adult alterations to a coloring book that might make you laugh or cringe.

Many little girls, and maybe even boys too, long for a horse or a pony as a pet. And a unicorn would be an even greater gift for those guys. However, a zombified unicorn such as the one on the right is not wanted by anyone.

Cats love fish, and they love to hunt. I guess it is probably best to start them off young so that they understand how the animal kingdom truly works.

What was originally a cute cat licking its paws turned into a savage mauling of a poor rooster or hen whose only remains are that of one talon and a dismembered feather.

There are so many issues with this. Is that Tigger hanging on the top left corner? Who is trying to break into the house? And whose legs are those protruding from the bottom? Piglet?

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