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Colton Haynes Reveals How He Was Forced To ‘Date’ Female Celebrities To Hide That He Was Gay


Being the month of Pride, many people are celebrating their orientations and reflecting on their journey to acceptance.

Coming out is one of the most challenging and personal things to go through and sometimes people live in the closet for many years.

Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes recently opened up about his experience of being forced to ‘date’ famous women and female costars to hide his true identity.

The actor, who is currently starring in Rough Night, talked with Andy Cohen about his experience being a young actor in a world that was less accepting of people with different orientations.

People may remember Colton Haynes as the buff werewolf with spiky brown hair from the MTV show Teen Wolf. He was definitely a teen heartthrob and very popular among the ladies. 

Today the 28-year-old looks almost unrecognizable and is finally completely out and comfortable with who he is. 

He even says that he’s locked down and ready for marriage.But the path wasn’t always so clear for him.

Andy Cohen tried to get to the bottom of why Colton remained in the closet for so long. The two got into a discussion about his past relationships and process of acceptance.

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