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To Help People Figure It All Out, Twitter Comedian Posts ‘Handy’ Nazi Flowchart

With everything that is going on within the last few days in Charlottesville, some people are really having a difficult time understanding who the Nazis were and whether they’re bad people or not. But to be honest, it’s not that difficult to understand.

In fact, Twitter comedian, Geraldine DeRuiter decided to make a flowchart to really help those who are confused figure out whether or not the Nazis were bad human beings. Looks complicated.

Because you know, them killing 6,000,000 Jews and other innocent human lives isn’t enough to understand that they weren’t good people. Hopefully, this flowchart made it crystal clear.

Once people saw this chart, they worried that it might be a bit too vague, so they decided to add onto it just to make sure that people get the message.

One person decided to just add one more line to make sure that it was clear to people while another decided to add a few more.

Another user believed that a flowchart might not give people an opportunity to think for themselves, so they decided to create a poll.

A pretty simple chart to understand. If you’re wondering if people still have something to say about the fact that people died during the Holocaust in the hands of the Nazis…they do.

So basically what this flowchart is telling us all is that the question of whether or not the Nazis were bad people isn’t a very difficult one. In fact, it should be an obvious answer.

But for those of us who might not know much about World War II or the Nazis or even Hitler, this flowchart should be enough to really make you understand.

The Nazis tried to exterminate an entire religious identity from all of Europe. Their ideologies were disgraceful and pure evil.

They started a war of conquest and murdered those who did not share the same views as they did, their political opponents. That makes them evil. If you’re still confused, refer to the flow chart.


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