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12 Of The Best Entries To The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are finally accepting submissions for this year’s contest. Everyone who loved last year’s entries is excited about the hilarious and beautiful pictures that are coming this year.

The contest was born when photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam saw the need for “a photography competition that was light hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things.”

The contest also hopes to bring awareness to the conservation efforts of The Born Free Foundation. The foundation is “devoted to wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation, working to save animal lives, stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect rare species.”

While we wait for the winners of this year’s contest, here are some of the submissions that we love so far, complete with the hilarious captions provided by the photographers themselves. 

1. This adorable picture was titled “Help!!!” It was taken in Opusztaszer, Hungary. Who knew owls had such a great comedic timing?

2. Titled “Must Have Three-putted,” this picture was taken at a golf course in San Jose, California. If anything, it proves that our stereotype of foxes being cheeky and mischievous comes from a place of truth.

3. Captioned “WTF?!”, this adorable interaction between two elephant seals is a reminder that they’re truly the ocean’s puppies. What’s the one on the right even doing?

4. Titled “Stopped By A Toll Collector,” this picture was taken in Queensland, Australia. It’s either a sinister owl up to no good, or it’s about to urge you to follow it into the woods for a secret magical meeting. Only one way to find out.

5. This image was titled “Three Tenors,” and it was taken on South Georgia Island. Alternatively, it looks like three jokers who love to sit by the pier and make fun of people walking by. 

6. Captioned “I’m OK!” and taken in Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Madagascar, this image shows the world’s largest living lemur presumably giving the photographer some props. Indris are only found on the eastern side of Madagascar.

7.  Titled “Outsourcing Seatbelt Checks,” this surreal image was taken in Masai Mara, Kenya. The optical illusion created by the flat depth of field makes it seem as if the giraffe is right next to the plane, peering in.

8. This image, titled “Kung Fu Training – Australian Style,” was taken in Flowers Gap, Australia. It shows a red kangaroo, presumably starting his day off with some martial arts. Would you fight this guy?

9. Titled, “Pirate In Disguise,” this image was taken in Metropolitana, Chile. Owls seem to be a favorite subject among nature photographers. And who can blame them? Those big, expressive eyes offer the perfect photo opportunities.

10. This picture, titled “Pikachu!”, was taken at Ramat Gan, Israel. Whatever this little guy is, those black dots and shade of yellow definitely remind us of everyone’s favorite Pokemon too!

11. This picture was captioned “Oooh Matron – Carry On Up The Jungle!” and it was taken in Tanzania. Is it a mighty lion’s roar or a sleepy lion’s yawn? For the sake of comedy, we’ll assume he’s the latter.

12. This sweet family portrait, captioned “Hello? Are You Awake?” was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia. It depicts a sleepy finch about to get woken up by a noisy (and nosy) neighbor.


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