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20 Comic Book Movie Costumes Compared To The Original Comics

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A mega-fan of Marvel has taken upon himself to discover everything there is to know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re pretty certain that you can ask this guy just about any question about any of your favorite Marvel characters and he would answer it correctly.

In fact, he is so dedicated to spreading the Marvel love that he’s created an Instagram account (@accurate.mcu) in order to compare and contrast the costumes of the comic characters with that of their cinematic versions.

It’s interesting to see the costume designers’ adaptation. Whether they are entirely accurate or have had serious adjustments, it’s pretty amazing to see the transformations. Here are some of the coolest comparisons we’ve picked out for you!

1. Black Widow: She looks awesome in the Marvel Comic Universe. Her Civil War costume is one of the best so far. Check out the gold accents on her belt.

2. Loki: The MCU’s version of Loki is cool as ice. Somehow they managed to make his ridiculous upturned horned helmet look good. That couldn’t have been easy.

3. Rocket Raccoon: Rocket looks like he was made to wear that light blue MCU costume. His orange outfit was alright, but the iconic blue ‘Guardians’ costume he received at the end of the film brought a tear to our eye.

4. Spider-Man: Spider-Man’s homemade costume is a hoot, and obviously much different than his usual comic costume. The spider symbol is super apparent, which is great. Tony will take back the upgraded Spidey suit so he will spend a part of the movie in his homemade suit, which is also great.

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