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16 Funny Comics That Capture The Struggle Of Raising Children


Kids are weird. And funny, and smart, and exhausting, and wonderful, and…well, you get the point. Essentially, they’re complicated, and the process of raising them to be good and responsible adults is even more complicated. Sometimes, you just have to laugh or you’ll cry (which you can’t do because that will wake the baby and you’ll have to spend another hour putting her back to sleep).

Enter these comic artists, who explore the topic of child-raising in hilarious, poignant snapshots. From trying to get your young kid dressed to dealing with other children’s parents, they explore the world of parenting with a comedian’s eye and an artist’s talent.

So if you’ve ever had kids, or if you’ve been a kid recently enough that you still remember it, you’ll laugh (and wince) along with these comics. And if you think they’re funny, click on the photos to find the artists’ websites; there’s more where these came from, and this article just barely scratches the surface of their parental humor.

The First Rule Of Remaining Joyful While Working With Kids: Prepare for the worst, and hope for the slightly-less-worst.

Because, sometimes, kids can be just plain difficult (no matter what galaxy they come from).

One of the most hilarious things about kids is how shamelessly they lie. They will stand there with cookie crumbs on their mouth and argue that not only did they not eat the cookies, they’ve never had a cookie in their lives. Honestly, I don’t know how they learn it so young!

…um, actually, forget I said that.

Every child is naturally a genius, a scientist with their own little field of study. For example, many of them are little epidemiologists, who study the spread of disease by ferrying it between their daycares and everyone in their family!

Or perhaps, your child is a junior fashion prodigy, with bold ideas about style!

Almost every child is an acute observer of human nature, able to spot with razor focus when anyone else is being foolish or unfair (especially their siblings). They just… don’t always extend the same judgment to themselves.

However, no child yet has been able to master the complex field of “finding things which are out in plain view.”

One of the great delights of raising children is hearing their little groans of exasperation as you tell them yet another terrible joke.

Things I have seen children put in their mouths in my six years of working with them: rocks, dead bugs, a Mcnugget they found on the bathroom floor, a science experiment, my hand. Things I have not seen them put in their mouths: broccoli.

As an old boss of mine always used to say, sometimes the worst part about working with kids is other kids’ parents.

And sometimes, you just need to look at a kid’s parents to see where their bad behavior comes from.

But, no matter how much you complain, it’s hard not to love them. We care about the kids we look after and want to keep them safe from the dangers that life presents them. Even if those “dangers” are as innocuous as spending time away from us.

Kids make every day funny, and fun, if sometimes a little weird.

And sometimes, hanging out at the kids’ table is just better than sitting with the adults. Kids have such a lovely, fresh perspective on the world, and it can be so energizing spending time with them.

Also, they’ll never, ever brag to you about how their 401K portfolio is doing.


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