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‘Common Facts’ That Are Actually Not True At All

Common knowledge is something that most people SHOULD have but unfortunately, it seems to be lacking more and more these days.

But in all seriousness though, sometimes things that seem INTUITIVELY right end up being drastically wrong. There are many myths and ideas that are perpetuated as ‘common knowledge’ or ‘common facts’ but in reality, they could not be farther from the truth. We tend to assume these things to be true but upon further inspection and more research we tend to find out that these things are not true.

However, it is important to note that there are some ‘common knowledge’ facts that have stood the test of time and also passed some scientific experiments. For instance, the common theory that carrots aid eyesight is actually true. And the old saying that walnuts are good for the brain is actually legitimate!

But we decided to go on Reddit to ask fellow Redditors which ‘common knowledge’ facts have been debunked as false! Hopefully, this will incite more people to do their own research and conduct their own experiments.

‘I was always told that cutting your hair really short or regularly shaving your beard will make it grow back thicker and faster but in reality that is not the case. It is just a confirmation bias since we are looking for the hair to come back faster and quicker thus creating a placebo effect.’ (Marlie93)

StyleCrazeStyle Craze

‘The saying that ‘all dogs have worms’ is actually true. All dogs are born with worms which is why you deworm them. They are not supposed to live with a parasite inside them their whole life!’ (caroline_97)


‘We have been taught that dogs see only in black and white and different shades of gray but in reality, they are dichromic animals which means that they can recognize fewer colors than humans but can still see a variety of colors.’ (kami92)


‘Bears aren’t only in it for the honey. The bears will eat the honey however they are more prone to go after the bee larvae which is generally packed full of delicious protein.’ (katrina69)


‘The old myth that goldfish have a short attention span and only have a memory that lasts 15 seconds is not true. In truth, given time and a little bit of patience, goldfish can actually be taught how to perform tricks.’ (PopeliusJones)


‘Counting cards at the casino is not actually illegal but it may be against the norms of being in a casino. It won’t get you sued but it will get you escorted out if they catch you winning a little too much money.’ (SwiperDaFoxx)

‘Carrots are good for you and chock full of nutrients but they don’t directly improve eyesight. They do however have some benefit to your eye’s health but it has not yet been shown to directly improve eyesight.’ (zerbey)


‘The old adage of: “an apple a day will keep the doctor away.” might not be as true as they seem. They are beneficial and healthy but I’m always eating apples and I have cancer.’ (Ell223)


‘I was always taught that the air we breathe in comes from the trees around us but in reality, the oceans are responsible for 70 per cent of the air that we breathe in and that’s mostly from phytoplankton.’ (joemaniaci)


‘The Great Wall of China is actually not visible from space. In part, because it is not that big and evident and also because it has undergone some serious erosion over the past several decades.’ (PmMe)


‘I have not heard this saying until just recently but after a little bit of research I found out that it was just straight up false. Touching or picking up a baby bird or rabbit will not make its mother abandon it.’ (VictorBlimpmuscle)


‘Letting a cut breathe (or out in the open) will usually end up drying it out and leaving you a bigger scar. If you keep it clean, moist and put a band aid over it (and maybe an ointment) it will help your cut heal cleaner and faster.’ (alliwantismyusername)


‘The red liquid coming from a steak is actually not blood. The red liquid leaking out onto your plate is mostly myoglobin which is a binding protein found in muscle tissue. It is actually related to hemoglobin, which is a binding protein found in blood.’ (joejones6)


‘The scary thought of eating a bunch of spiders in your sleep over your lifetime is actually not true. You don’t eat a bunch of spiders in your sleep every year. It was a made up “fact” an author put in a book to test if other authors were plagiarizing.’ (Thecardinal74)


‘We have always been taught to resort to pharmacies and doctors when we’re sick but in reality, sometimes a few veggies, more water, and some rest can go a long way. A virus does not equate directly to antibiotics.’ (Sumit36)


‘My mom used to always tell me to blow dry my hair because walking around with dripping wet hair will cause a cold. But in reality that is not true. So you can give your blow dryers a rest here and there!’ (DavosLostFingers)


‘Low-fat foods will not help you lose weight or be healthier. Eating things that are low fat doesn’t mean you will lose body fat. It’s all about calories in and calories out, so don’t just jam your body full of low-fat foods.’ (NortyNort)


‘The new fad diets that hate on carbs or fat are actually outdated science. Sugar is a far bigger problem. Fats make you feel full and carbs help you stay energized. Instead, focus on limiting sugar intake (anything other than fruits) and start tracking your food intake!’ (InannasPocket)


‘The myth that if you do a whole bunch of sit ups you will get abs or that if you do a whole bunch of bench presses then you can get rid of your ‘man boobs.’ In reality, you cannot target certain parts of your body. Your body loses fat as a whole system and not through individual body parts.’ (shaner23)


‘The old saying that time is money. Time is money, no time is more valuable than money. Money comes and goes but time only goes. We need to stay more present and be more in tune with what we want in the present.’ (driguess)


‘The old saying that popping your knuckles will cause arthritis is actually not true. It might just irk some people and cause some people to cringe but it won’t cause arthritis in the future!’ (Itaho)


‘It’s hotter in the summer because of an axial tilt and not because we are closer to the sun. The axial tilt means that the Sun’s rays fall more perpendicular in the summer. It just means that more energy reaches us per surface area, days are longer than compared to the winter and the rays have less to go through in the atmosphere.’ (Dinosawer)


‘I was taught in school that George Washington died of a cold but in reality, he caught a cold and then the doctors decided to remove more than half of his blood from the then 67-year-old’s body. They also exposed him to a new chemical that made him defecate.’ (Michaeldim1)



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