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Man Visits Doctor After Concerned Wife Steps In, Doctors Find Rare Tumor

Nobody really likes going to the doctors and when we can-we definitely avoid it or put it off. But doing this is never a good idea as even if you feel and look healthy, there could be something going on with your body that only a professional would be able to tell.  

A professional, or a loving wife that is. For Brian Walker and his wife Helen, what was thought to be an innocent bug bite turned into a family’s worst nightmare. Brian is a truck driver and father of four and when he noticed a bump on his arm he passed if off as a bug bite. However his wife was a bit more concerned. Some would say that she was nagging  as she continued to suggest that he go to the doctors until she eventually just made the appointment for him. But her instinct and actions ended up saving Brian’s arm and possibly his life.


The father of four and truck driver noticed a small bump on the back of his arm which he self diagnosed as a bug bite and decided to ‘keep on going’. But Helen suspected something more and after nagging him, she decided to schedule the doctor’s appointment herself.

After he met with his GP, it turned out that the bump was actually an aggressive and rare tumour that usually grows invisibly under the skin. Brian was immediately referred to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

After seeing a few doctors who were unsure what the cause of the lump was, he was sent to Newcastle for an MRI where doctors at first thought he had skin cancer, but were eventually able to determine that he had an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor.  

The lump was removed on November 16 2015, surgeons having to remove a good chunk of Brian’s arm. Skin and muscle from his back had to be used to patch up the area. Brian continued to need treatment for the following week and were taken care of by Maggie’s Cancer Centre. The couple was very happy with the treatment and care they received. ‘Maggie’s Cancer Centre was so welcoming. The people were unbelievably good.’ The couple thanked the centre by raising money for charity, Helen even having volunteered for a sponsored head shave with Brian wielding the scissors.


Now that the horror is behind them, Brian and Helen encourage anyone who finds any kind of lump to make sure to get it checked out. ‘I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t gone.’ Brian commented, saying that some people hate when their wife nags, but in this case- his wife’s nagging very well saved his arm, and possibly his life.

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