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10 Surprising Confessions Of UFC Ring Girls


Not much is known about the beautiful women who circle the UFC rings and introduce rounds. They often go overlooked and have to face catcalling and sometimes even ridicule from fans during a fight. What most people don’t know, though, is that UFC girls also have a lot of adoring fans.

Most UFC ring girls also have modelling backgrounds. They even become close with fighters and transition into different careers in the entertainment industry.

If you’d like to know more about the enigmatic girls of the UFC ring, here are 10 of their surprising confessions.

1. There is no training process to become a UFC ring girl. Most UFC ring girls are models or come from modelling backgrounds, which makes it easier for them to transition into becoming a ring girl.

There is no exact training process, and most girls use their backgrounds in modelling or acting to get the job.

2. UFC ring girls can get very close to fighters. They also often attend the same events as most of the fighters. Ring girls who have worked with the UFC for years tend to develop personal relationships with some fighters.

UFC ring girls also attend weigh-ins. They witness fighters perform in the ring for the first and last times and also get the chance to watch a fighter grow and accomplish his goals. 

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