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10 Surprising Confessions Of UFC Ring Girls


Not much is known about the beautiful women who circle the UFC rings and introduce rounds. They often go overlooked and have to face catcalling and sometimes even ridicule from fans during a fight. What most people don’t know, though, is that UFC girls also have a lot of adoring fans.

Most UFC ring girls also have modelling backgrounds. They even become close with fighters and transition into different careers in the entertainment industry.

If you’d like to know more about the enigmatic girls of the UFC ring, here are 10 of their surprising confessions.

1. There is no training process to become a UFC ring girl. Most UFC ring girls are models or come from modelling backgrounds, which makes it easier for them to transition into becoming a ring girl.

There is no exact training process, and most girls use their backgrounds in modelling or acting to get the job.

2. UFC ring girls can get very close to fighters. They also often attend the same events as most of the fighters. Ring girls who have worked with the UFC for years tend to develop personal relationships with some fighters.

UFC ring girls also attend weigh-ins. They witness fighters perform in the ring for the first and last times and also get the chance to watch a fighter grow and accomplish his goals. 

3. Sitting ringside at a UFC fight means that you get to witness all the action happen right before your eyes. UFC ring girls get to witness this action first hand, and sometimes sit so close to the ring that they get blood or even spit on them.

UFC girls also witness bones breaking and knock-outs, and also get to hear the commentary from both fighters’ teams.

4. Being knowledgeable about MMA is not a requirement to be hired as a ring girl. In fact, most UFC ring girls don’t know anything about MMA when they are hired on. UFC hires women based on what they think is appealing to UFC fans.

Most UFC ring girls tend to become huge fans of MMA once they witness fights, though.


5. The outfits that UFC ring girls wear don’t leave much to the imagination, but considering the fact that most of them come from modeling backgrounds, it’s nothing they haven’t experienced before.

The models also get to choose their own outfits.

6. One of the most shocking things that UFC girls have confessed is that they make more than most female UFC fighters. Famous UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has openly vocalized her dislike of ring girls and the fact that some of them get paid more than her fellow fighters.

The highest paid ring girl earns a $100,00 salary, while the lowest paid earns $25,000 per year.

7. Being a UFC ring girl isn’t a full time job. This means that many of the ring girls have side jobs to add to their income because they don’t have a full time career.

Many of them seek out other modeling opportunities or even transition into acting or hosting.

8. UFC ring girls can lose their jobs in an instant. It is not uncommon for UFC ring girls to unexpectedly get fired. Their job is always on the line.

In the past, girls have been let go from their contracts for being caught lying about calling in sick and even spreading rumors about fighters.

9.  Because UFC ring girls tend to get very close to fighters, they often develop relationships with them and date each other.

UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury and UFC ring girl Natasha Wicks are a couple who met through UFC. They started dating in 2009 and even have a son together.

10. UFC ring girls have to deal with fans who are sometimes rude, outrageous or even a little obsessive. Some have admitted that their fans can get them into awkward situations. UFC ring girls also have to deal with frequent cat calling and ridicule during fights.

The girls are responsible for dealing with these situations in a professional manner, and for the most part learn to ignore any disrespectful fans.


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