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Conjoined Twins Finally Separated After 16 Hour Surgery


A conjoined pair of twin boys have been successfully separated after a successful 16 hour surgery done at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York. Some facts about the twins are:

  • They are only 13 months old.
  • They are known as craniopagus twins.
  • Their from Braidwood, Illinois.

The boys, Anias and Jadon were sharing 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter of brain tissue between them. This is one of the most advanced and difficult separation operations ever done. And it was done successfully.

Craniopagus twins are one of the hardest types of conjoined twins to operate on. 40 percent are born ‘still born’ and 80 percent of them die before the age of two. The doctor heading up the operation is considered the national expert in this niche field of medicine. His name is Dr. James Goodrich.

The twins parents, Nicole and Christian McDonald found out the twins they were carrying were conjoined during a routine ultrasound in May of 2015.

1Facebook / Nicole Mcdonald

Twins are already enough extra work, but twins that are joined at head? The obstacles are huge and the statistics scary.

2Facebook / Nicole Mcdonald

Their parents knew the boys would have severe limitations if they did not separate them, so they made the difficult decision to go ahead with the risk surgery that could result in their deaths.

3Facebook / Nicole Mcdonald

Their father, Christian, told CNN ‘We know that is definitely a real possibility, but we’re still going to love our boys.’

4Facebook / Nicole Mcdonald

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