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The Bible Says The World Is Going To End On June 24, 2018

Throughout history, people have long believed and remarked on a day where everything will come to an end. While some may call it an apocalypse or doomsday or an Armageddon, all of these words just point at an idea which means ‘an end to the world.’ Last year, David Meade incorrectly predicted that a planet named Nibiru would hurl itself into Earth and kill everybody.

Then in 2012, the Mayan calendar was supposed to predict the end of the world since the calendar stopped on December 21. And back in the year 2000, people feared the end of the world with the advent of Y2K. Now almost a month into 2018, a new theory has popped up.

A conspiracy theorist by the name of Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue has pointed to the Bible to support his theory that the world will end on June 24, 2018. He points to a passage in the bible that is supposed to indicate the end of days. The passage read: ‘he was given authority to act for 42 months.’

During an interview with the Daily Star, the theorist said: ‘I heard a voice in the middle of the four living beings. This is wisdom. He who has intelligence can interpret the figure of the beast. It represents the name of a man. His figure is 666.’ Supposedly by adding the number of crop harvests along with the price hike, it should produce the date of the last day on Earth.

He says that in order to find the exact date, he needs to take the number ‘666’ and add it to his previous calculations which include the 42 months as prescribed by the bible.

Mathieu then said that when these numbers are all added together it points at the date, June 24, 2018, as the end of the world. However, despite giving such an exact date he does not state how the world will come to an end.

This is not the first time that a bold theorist has come forth with a prediction of impending doom. David Meade did it last year and then backtracked by saying that seven years of disaster will begin on his original date of September 23, 2017.

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