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16 Amazon Products You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now


The options are dangerously unlimited when it comes to the world of online shopping. Products that are normally foreign to nearby stores are accessible with just the click of a button.

Most people know what they’re looking for when perusing the web to fill their electronic shopping cart. However, there are a plethora of products on Amazon that you had no idea existed but will find a place on your wishlist.

Here are 16 Amazon products you didn’t know you needed until now.

1. Campers and backpackers rejoice! These fold-in-half, zip-up backpacking shoes from Timberland make footwear more portable than ever before. A solid alternative to flimsy flip-flops or Crocs for moseying around the outdoors. Buy Now


2. Have a key on your keyboard that’s become necessary to hammer with your finger? This innovative high-tech cleaning putty makes cleaning electronics easier than ever. Cyber Clean absorbs dirt particles without releasing any moisture. Buy Now

3. Allview Rearview Mirror. Eliminate blind spots with this Allview Rearview Mirror, which gives drivers a seamless view of left, right, and center. This is a sure way to save yourself from straining your neck the next time you change lanes on the highway. Buy Now

4. For the wine lovers. Don’t let your schnoz get in the way of that final gulp of wine with this glass that allows you to tilt far enough to get every last drop. Just make sure that the droopy part is facing the right way to avoid looking like Carrie at prom. Buy Now

5. Pizza scissors. Who hasn’t had their cheese and toppings mangled by some excited slice-sawing with a knife? This contraption lets you cut your pizza slice with scissors. It comes with a base to make serving effortless. Buy Now

6. Flashlight keychain. No more juggling the flashlight on your phone while trying to get into your house with this keychain. This addition fits on the back of any key and is equipped with a push button that shines a light to make finding a door or car lock easy. Buy Now

7. Bag re-sealer. This bag re-sealer puts an end to stale chips for the few people who don’t finish the bag in the first go. The tiny mechanism slides over the bag and creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness and flavor. Buy Now

8. Artful knife set. No need for a clunky knife block or disheveled drawer with this sharp set, which works in the same way as Russian Nesting Dolls. Buy Now

9. Projected keyboard. If you find your fingers fumbling on touchscreen keyboards, this futuristic wireless laser keyboard could be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to those lengthy texts. Buy Now

10. Why dirty a spoon? This handy mug stirs itself with the click of a button. However, the mug does boldly display “SELF-STIRRING MUG” on it, which isn’t ideal if you were trying to conceal your true level of laziness. Buy Now

11. Knife guard. Keep your fingers intact and your meal blood-free with this stainless steel guard that protects your extremities while slicing and dicing away. Buy Now

12. Futuristic shoe rack. It doesn’t take much for a grounded shoe rack to look post-apocalyptic. This wall-mounted shoe rack keeps footwear together and in place without taking up floor space. Buy Now

13. Magnetic Wristband. This magnetic wristband makes working on home improvement projects significantly easier. The band helps secure screws, nails, and small tools, providing a third helping hand. Buy Now

14. Unique umbrella. With enough wind, the traditional umbrella truly loses its purpose and ends up turning inside out. This innovative design helps you push through the storm without getting soaked. Buy Now

15. Better Sleep Pillow. For those people who like to sleep with an arm under the pillow, this one allows complete access. This ‘Better Sleep Pillow’ helps position the sleeper for ideal neck and back support while providing optimal comfort. Buy Now

16. Remote bottle opener. There’s nothing worse than realizing that the drink you grabbed isn’t a twist off. This 2-in-1 TV remote and bottle opener solves that problem until you inevitably lose the remote. Buy Now


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