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5 Cool Life Tips That Will Save You A Fortune Or Less


As the cost of living continues to skyrocket and minimum wage stays stagnant, consumers of all ages need to find useful ways to budget, cut corners, and use coupons in order to survive in this capitalist society. There are certain financial tips, such as setting aside 10% of your income every month, that are kind of obvious but there are other DIY (Do It Yourself) tips that you can employ in order to save those dollars!

For example, there is justification for placing toothpaste on a cellular device screen. Obviously, nothing aside from a new screen is going to fix a cracked screen like that but a small dab of toothpaste (make sure it’s paste-based and not those gel types) applied with a microfiber cloth can help reduce the size of small scratches or simply make them less glaring.

So there you go! That’s the first freebie DIY for you! Up next, we’ll get into homemade pillowcases to a DIY dog bed. There are multiple ways for you to save money all the while recycling your used clothes. Here are 5 cool tips that can save you a fortune (or less…).

1. For girls (or guys) who want a crop top for free there is a solution. Find a tank top that you want to convert into a crop top. Cut a square from the bottom up ONLY on the back of the shirt.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.49.11 PM5-Minute Crafts

Next, cut a straight line down the middle of the front of the shirt from the bottom all the way up to the neckline. At this point your shirt should be missing a huge (square) portion on the back, and it should be cut open on the front down the middle with two flaps.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.49.25 PM5-Minute Crafts

Wrap the front two flaps around each other and tie it. And there you have it! A crop top made from an old tank top! These crop tops can be suitable for dresses, business casual or simply just casual if you want to flaunt those abs!

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.49.49 PM5-Minute Crafts

2. Most cats love an empty box. That $200 cat tree you paid for? Nahh. But that box from No Frills that you got for free? They’re all in! Here’s how you can make their favorite boxes a little more cozy and comfortable.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.47.58 PM5-Minute Crafts

Find a t-shirt that you no longer want to keep (or if you’re okay with wearing a cat fur drenched tee) that fits around the box. Place it over the box with the neck over the hole of the box. Tuck the sleeves into the sides of the box and there you go! A nice warm cozy box for your cat to glare at you out of!

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.48.11 PM5-Minute Crafts

3. For those of us that lack a capability to sew very well (or slightly average for that matter…) here is a cool trick that doesn’t require the use of a needle and a string. All you need for this is a blank pillow and a t-shirt that you don’t want with a cool pattern.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.51.15 PM5-Minute Crafts

Cut out the size of the pillow on the shirt. Make sure you have the front and back cut out in the shape of the pillow. Then, cut a square out of all four corners. All you have to do now is fray the edges of all four sides. (Fraying means cutting up into the shirt which leaves a piece of cloth dangling.)

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.51.46 PM5-Minute Crafts

Your next step is to place the pillow between the two pieces of clothing (which should be in the shape of your pillow, with the squares cut out of the corners, and frayed on all sides.) The final step is to tie those frayed ends together so they stay together. See? No sewing needed!

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.52.28 PM5-Minute Crafts

4. Many pet owners treat their dogs like children. And with good reason too; a dog is a man’s best friend. But from dog treats, to vaccinations all the way to dog beds, those expenses can pile up! So, if you have a loose sweater lying around that you probably wouldn’t wear anymore, you can turn it into a dog bed with a little bit of time, patience and sewing skills.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.46.48 PMJeremy Hon

First, you need a small square pillow that fits in the sweater. It should form a square from the bottom. Then, sew the length of the sleeves into the side of the shirt and around the top of the pillowcase. Now, all you have to do is insert the pillowcase into the area you’ve sewn and stuff the rest with cotton. Wrap the sleeves around so they meet and touch and sew them together. And that’s it!

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.47.04 PM5-Minute Crafts

5. Sometimes dog collars are not only expensive but they lack a bit of creativity. They’re all about the same just with a different dog tag. There have been some creative ones in the form of a backpack strap, or a metal chain. But this one is not only creative but free of charge as well! All you need is a dress shirt that you’re willing to part with and a pair of scissors.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.47.28 PM5-Minute Crafts

Cut the collar off the dress shirt that you no longer desire and pin it around the neck of your dog! Not only do you have a cute collar for your dog now, but they also look professional, cute and ready for a job interview! Seriously, just look at this little puppy and tell me that you wouldn’t give him the position of Office Dog.

Screenshot 2017-03-02 at 12.47.40 PM5-Minute Crafts


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