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Weirdly Placed ‘Coors Light Fact’ On TV Baseball Game Takes The Internet By Storm

If you’re a fan of Baseball, you’re probably familiar with the name Bartolo Colon. If you aren’t, he’s a Dominican Republic seasoned baseball veteran, and at 44 he’s accomplished something that some athletes never do. He truly is a legend.

According to Twitter user @Flippingbats, “Having beat the D-Backs today, 44-year-old Twins starter Bartolo Colon has now beat all 30 MLB teams. He’s played for a bunch of them, too”. Not too bad for someone who is only 44-years-old right?

But recently, Bartolo is taking the internet by storm for something other than his killer Baseball skills. He’s getting attention for something that a little more…hilarious and people can’t seem to just let it go. Not going to lie though, it’s pretty funny.

People definitely have a ton of respect for this guy, but fans just couldn’t hold back and notice this hilarious thing during a particular game.

So what exactly happened? Well, when Colon stepped to the mound, prepping for the game by stretching, the Coor’s Light Cold Hard Fact box popped up.

It honestly wouldn’t have been a big deal, if the Fact box didn’t pop up as Colon was bending over during his prepping.

Soon after this happened, people turned to Twitter and started having a little bit of fun with what they saw. Some even got creative.

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