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Cops ‘Cashed Her Outside’ Smoking Illegal Substance, Danielle Bregoli Busted


Who isn’t familiar with 14-year-old Danielle Bregoli these days. Better known as the ‘cash me ousside’ girl, Danielle first rose to ‘fame’ after her appearance on Dr. Phil which quickly became viral after she insulted her mom and called the audience names.

Danielle has gotten into all kinds of shenanigans since her first appearance on the show including several online outbursts, fights, and talk of a reality tv show.

Whether you love her or you hate her, it’s safe to say Danielle has shaken up social media lately, and can definitely be seen as a form of entertainment, or a distraction from some of the bigger problems going on in the world.

Keep reading to check out what Danielle has been up to lately. Spoiler alert, she hasn’t been staying out of trouble. Her latest clash with the cops involved some illegal substances and obtaining a citation.

Lately, Danielle has been living life at an ultimate high. But her fun was short lived last week when police cited her for drug possession.

Having a bad attitude and reckless behavior are one thing, but once you start messing around with the law–you’re sitting in hot water.

Although Danielle is not on her way to jail, officials say that she was hanging out in Boynton Beach, Florida, when one of her friends pulled out a joint.

Some people are wondering why she would even put herself in that position in public with the amount of fame and attention on her.

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