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Corey Feldman Gets Online Support From Fellow Child Stars Including Sean Astin And Alyssa Milano As He Names Abusers


Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, a watershed moment is currently sweeping across Hollywood, as celebrities are being put on the spot to deal with accusations of sexual abuse and assault. Some of these accusations are more than a few decades old.

1980s child star Corey Feldman has come forward to shed light on his own history with sexual abuse, claiming to have a substantial list of celebrities who are accused of sexual misconduct. In light of recent events, Feldman’s list is taken with renewed respect, as he once filed a complaint with the LAPD, but they were preoccupied dealing with the Michael Jackson scandal years ago.

Now, Feldman has taken to the internet, to start a campaign titled #ISTANDWITHCOREY to help raise awareness about the issues many child actors have to deal with in Hollywood. Feldman recently took to the Dr. Oz show to name his first alleged abuser, 80s actor Jon Grissom. This has garnered support from several former child stars.

Alyssa Milano, Who’s The Boss and Charmed star, received some online backlash for her remarks because she wasn’t necessarily an alleged victim of the same person Feldman accuses, but Feldman rose to her defense. Milano responded with a message of care and concern from her Twitter page @Alyssa_Milano.

Fellow co-star Keith Coogan, who acted in Adventures in Babysitting, and Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, released a lengthy statement about his support for Corey Feldman and his own experience. He posted this response first on his own Twitter page @keithcoogan.

The statement here describes Coogan’s experience as a child actor, reiterating Corey Feldman’s alleged experiences in his own youth.

The first alleged abuser Corey Feldman has named was 80s star Jon Grissom, who starred alongside Feldman and Corey Haim in License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. Grissom’s whereabouts after these accusations are alleged to be somewhere in Mexico.

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