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80s Star Corey Feldman Names His Alleged Abuser On Dr. Oz Show

Former 80s Star Corey Feldman has come into the spotlight to shed light on some decades-old accusations of sexual abuse, claiming to have a substantial list of celebrities who are accused of misconduct, abuse, and child molestation. In light of recent events, Feldman’s list is taken with renewed respect, but many are wondering why this list wasn’t taken seriously in the first place.

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Dr. Oz recently had Feldman as a guest on the show to bring out one of his accusers into question and actually file a report with the LAPD. Dr. Oz took Feldman backstage and set up a conference call with the LAPD crime reports department, that said they would take any claim made seriously, regardless of the time that has elapsed from the crime.

The first alleged abuser Feldman names is 80s actor Jon Grissom, who starred alongside Feldman in two movies, License to Drive (1988) and Dream a Little Dream (1989). Feldman accuses Grissom of molestation and abuse. Feldman states that he filed a complaint years ago, but authorities were too wrapped up and concentrated on the Michael Jackson scandal at the time.

Grissom is just the latest in a series of shocking allegations that are currently sweeping across Hollywood, as celebrities and people in power are being called into question regarding their behaviors over the last decade. Many think this is currently a watershed moment in Hollywood, and what some are now calling the “Weinstein Effect.” This has given courage to alleged victims bringing to light other notable celebrities accused of abuse including Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, Louis C.K., Brett Ratner, Jeremy Piven, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Affleck, Andy Dick, and even Harvey’s brother Bob Weinstein.

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Feldman recently revisited the Dr. Oz Show to name a second abuser, Alphy Hoffman, former host of the TV show, Alphy’s Hollywood Party. Feldman claims that the TV host is among several other abusers on his list.

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Corey Feldman has recently started a Twitter campaign, #ISTANDWITHCOREY to help empower and inspire others to name their alleged abusers, and talk more openly about their sexual assault experiences.

Feldman is scheduled to make additional appearances on the Dr. Oz show, bringing more alleged abusers on his list out in the open. There is no word yet on any comment from Grissom or Hoffman after being accused by Corey Feldman. The LAPD’s case against them that was opened by Corey is currently under investigation.


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