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14 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years


We live in uncertain and chaotic times. The world is facing a lot of economic and political struggles, and on top of all that mess there’s also global warming to take into account. That’s why it’s only normal for anyone’s imagination to wander into end of the world scenarios. The current situation of the world makes you wonder, will everyone make it out in the end?

  • A Youtube channel named Top Lists compiled a list of countries he believes will not survive the next 20 years
  • It’s highly speculative
  • He includes countries that are going through economic or political upheaval

In this list, we’ve also included nations that are threatened by global warming. Recently, the Alliance of Small Island States met up to discuss their mounting fear over the fact that they will “cease to exist due to climate change.” Rising temperatures, and in turn, rising sea levels, will put at risk the lives of millions of people living in these islands.

In the spirit of speculation and contemplation, here’s a list of countries and highly populated coastal cities that are most likely not to survive the next 20 years: 

1. North Korea. The small Asian nation continues to insist on self-reliance and authoritarianism, using nothing but the resources within their borders and some aid from Russia and China, North Korea’s closest allies.


But experts believe that at some point within the next 20 years, the nation will leave behind their isolation and slowly open its borders and expand its foreign affairs beyond Russia and China.


2. Belgium. This small European nation is split into Flanders and Wallonia, two regions that have very little in common. During the 2007 crisis in Belgium, the partition of the country was hotly debated, especially when it came to how they would split up Brussels.


The people of Wallonia are mostly French speakers who want to become one with France, while the people of Flanders are Flemish and they wish to be an independent nation away from their Francophone brothers and sisters.


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