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He Was About To Serve Parents Their Coffee When He Saw It Sticking Out Of Her Arm, Called 911

The employees of Dunkin’ Donuts see many families pass through the drive-through every day, but one couple raised immediate concern. What one worker witnessed prompted an urgent 911 call, for the safety of these parents’ kids and for others on the road.  

Tiffany Tinkham and Lance Hillier had their children in the back seat when they ordered from a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through in Hyannis, Massachusetts. It became evident that the two were under the influence of drugs when an employee noticed that Tinkham had a needle sticking out of her arm.


Hillier reportedly passed out at the wheel of the car and had to be woken by the employees yelling at him. After they ordered, the couple drove off, but not before the Dunkin’ Donuts employees were able to write down their license plate number.

The employees called the police immediately and Patrol Officer Nicole Bevilaqua caught up with the vehicle on the highway. After signalling for the couple to pull over, Bevilaqua noted that Tinkham and Hillier switched seats while the car was still in motion.

Once Patrol Officer Nicole Bevilaqua pulled over the couple and advised them to exit the vehicle, she was quick to observe Tinkham’s right arm freshly bleeding from a prominent bruise. After conducting a search, a plastic bag was found in Tinkham’s bra, which was later found to be Suboxone, a Class B drug.  

The parents failed the sobriety tests and when the officer tended to the two children in the backseat, one told her something heartbreaking. ‘Mommy has to use needles at the time. She tells us to close our eyes or look out the window when she uses them, but I never do,’ the child revealed. ‘Daddy has to drive all the time because Mommy is sick.’


According to America News, Tinkham and Hillier were both arrested and were charged with two counts of reckless endangerment of a child under 18, operating under the influence of drugs, and reckless operation of a motor vehicle. Additionally, Tinkham was charged with possession of a Class B drug and possession of marijuana.


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