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Couple Having A Birthday Meal Labeled ‘Lesbians’ On Their Receipt


Belinda Mulcah, 46, was celebrating her partner’s, Joanna Sheperd’s, 41st birthday at a restaurant in Pwllheli, North Wales when they found a crude remark on their receipt. They were getting drinks at the Hafan y Mor holiday park and were just about to leave when they were handed their bar tab which had the word ‘lesbians’ written in all capital letters under their table number.

The couple said they were not outwardly affectionate and wasn’t even ‘kissing or holding hands.’

The bar has since offered an apology and has stated that the staff member has been disciplined.

Joanna Sheperd, or as she likes to be called ‘Jo,’ is from Whixall, Shropshire, and during an interview with Diva magazine she said that when she saw the bill, ‘Belinda looked at me and she said, ‘Are you alright?’ I showed her and she was speechless.’

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Jo continued on by saying: ‘we hadn’t done anything overt. We hadn’t been kissing or holding hands. We could have been friends.’


The couple then showed the receipt to the manager who offered them an apology. The couple also said that the bar manager tried to take the receipt away from them in exchange for some free drinks.

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In that interview, the couple said: ‘as if that was going to make it ok. It doesn’t make [what happened] better in any shape or form.’

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In regards to the waiter, the bar said that they have since disciplined the staff member and ‘further training courses’ will be used in order to prevent this sort of situation from happening again.


A spokesperson from the bar said: ‘this incident should not have occurred and we are sorry for any distress caused. Our team members will also undertake refreshed training courses to ensure that an incident like this does not occur in the future.’

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But for the couple who were just casually celebrating a birthday dinner, they were not pleased by how they were treated.

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Jo said: ‘so the fact he decided to identify us as lesbians was a bit horrifying. We were shocked. We were shocked at how stupid this man had been.’

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