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Couple Builds Huge Swimming Pond On Their Farm And It’s Impressive


In the summer, an outdoor pool is hugely sought-after. Things get a lot easier and convenient when there is a pool out in the backyard. And things get even more fun when the pool is gigantic. And “gigantic” is no exaggeration for a Canadian homeowner who has a 1.2 million liter swimming pool out in his backyard.

In Sundre, in Alberta, Canada, a happy couple decided to build their own giant swimming pond out on their farm.

Jerry and Marina Leussink decided that a giant pool would be perfect for the summer AND the winter.

In an interview, Jerry said: ‘It’s great to have it on hot days. We’ve utilized it many many, many times on weekends with family and friends that come camping. And it can also be used for some skating in the winter.’

The pool is approximately 90 feet long and 70 feet wide. At its deepest end, it is 14 feet while the shallowest end can house even the tiniest of family members.

With the help of Jerry’s brothers and some construction equipment, the group of workers was able to dig the huge hole for the pond and complete the construction themselves.

During the initial stages of the pool, there was no liner that was used. However, as time went by weeds became an issue and they had to switch from their old clay soil base to a 30-millimeter polypropylene liner.

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