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Couple Hid Pregnancy For Months, Then Showed Up At Family’s Door With Baby And Filmed Their Reactions

In a day and age where gender reveal parties are the new norm, it is nearly impossible to keep a pregnancy private. Aside from the fact that the mother gains tens of pounds and has a distended belly, a pregnancy is no easy thing to keep under wraps. But apparently, for this one family, they were able to get that job done.


They stayed hidden and out of public sight for ten months and then when they reappeared they had a huge surprise for their family. Ben and Hannah Hinders stayed away from their family for some time and when they reappeared they showed up with Ivy Hinders. The couple accompanied by their driver, Kevin, went around to their family members to show off their new bundle of joy.

On camera, Kevin can be heard saying: ‘this is Ivy and our family and friends don’t know that she exists because we haven’t seen them in 10 months. So we’re going to go surprise them.’

As they entered the front door with Hannah holding the baby and Kevin ready to record, the couple could be seen visibly excited and anxious. Family members and relatives were more than shocked when they discovered that they had just met their new niece, cousin or granddaughter.


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