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Lesbian Couple Takes Engagement Photos at Chili’s, Chili’s Responds

Engagement photo shoots can be tense, difficult affairs, almost as fussy as the wedding itself. Two Texan women decided to forego the fuss and take their engagement photos in Chili’s, resulting in an adorable photo shoot that’s taking the Internet by storm.

Krista Doyle, author of Does This Bible Belt Make Me Look Gay? got engaged to her fiance Kelly Boyles in mid-June. When they got their photos taken on July 30th, they got hungry while driving around locations with their photographer. Since both women love Chili’s, they stopped in for food and a few quick photos.

Doyle posted the photos on Twitter to make some of her friends laugh, but they ended up turning into a viral sensation. “I had no idea this would blow up this much,” she told Vox. “It was really fun when I realized the story had started to pick up steam elsewhere.”

The couple met each other while filming a lesbian parody of “The Bachelor.”

asdfghjklKrista Doyle

Both of the women were “contestants,” but they fell in love on set.

Doyle is a minor Twitter celebrity, but the images have blown up outside of her little circle.

People had some questions about the venue, but Doyle had a simple answer for them. But maybe the best part about the whole thing was the restaurant’s response to the photo shoot.

Chili’s LOVED the photos, and offered to send an engagement gift to the couple! No word yet on whether that means they’ll be getting free catering.

And it’s not just Chili’s who are loving the engagement photos. The couple has been getting messages of enthusiasm and support from across the internet.

Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, go read the responses to Doyle’s Twitter post. They’ll melt your heart faster than cheese sauce on a hot burner!

No matter what your thoughts are on engagement photos or Chili’s, I think we can all agree that this adorable couple goes together like tortillas and guac.


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