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Couple End Up In Hospital After Trying to Re-Create Iconic Dirty Dancing Scene for Wedding

The movie Dirty Dancing gave us a lot of things like new tropes, character archetypes, and who can forget that iconic lift? The lift has been recreated various amounts of times including in other movies (I’m looking at you Crazy, Stupid, Love) and at special events.

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Men who are able to achieve the iconic lift typically tend to brag about it and they’ll encourage women they’re interested in to try it out with them. And, if you can’t do it? Well, then maybe one day you might want to learn how, like this couple who planned on doing it for their wedding day.

Unfortunately for Sharon and Andy Price, things didn’t go quite as planned and the results of their attempt wound up on film. As reported by the Daily Mail, Andy and Sharon are fans of the classic film and have watched it more than 30 times. They added the lift to their wedding in tribute of the movie they love so much.

Of course, things began with Sharon running toward Andy, attempting to provide enough momentum to complete said lift. Things didn’t turn out quite as expected though, with 51-year-old Andy being knocked out when the pair collided. Sharon was knocked to the ground and struggled to breathe.

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